The pole hedge trimmer reviewed here, Black & Decker NPT318 makes the ideal tool for anyone with higher hedges to maintain. Having to struggle to reach the top of these hedges can be quite a chore using the convensional hedge cutters, powered or otherwise.

The time saved when using a long reach hedge trimmer is pretty substantial. Just watch the professionals and you’ll understand why, time is money with these guys. Having to climb up and down stepladders can be tiresome, not to mention the safety aspect involved.  The terrain where the stepladders need to be placed may well be uneven, can range from soft cultivated soil, it can be sloping sharply and even boulder strewn.

Black & Decker NPT318 Pole Hedge Trimmer

The Pole Hedge Trimmer will be Heavier, But Quicker

In the above conditions, this is where a pole hedge trimmer certainly comes into it’s own and has been warmly welcomed by owners of taller hedges. A point to bear in mind before going ahead and purchasing this type of trimmer is the extra weight. Yes they are a good bit heavier than the conventional trimmer, although the more often you use them, so you will become accustomed with the extra weight and the extra length involved.

The Black & Decker NPT318 is around 45 inches long and weighs in at 16 pounds which is by no means the heaviest in these type of hedgers.

It can be tiresome on your arms when starting out Using a tall trimmer although a harness is one way to aleviate this. Once you get a swing going, that’s when you will have mastered the control and it will seem to be only half the weight.

Read more specs below about this trimmer.

Black & Decker NPT318 18-Volt Cordless Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer

The Black & Decker NPT318 details

Power Type – Gas or Electric?


Cordless Or Corded?

Cordless – comes complete with an 18 volt NiCad battery and a charger.

Cutting Capability?

If you need a tall hedge trimming tool that will reach up to the top of a 10 foot hedge then the NPT318 may be what your looking for. Bear in mind that if you wanted to trim the top of that same 10 foot and the hedge was very broad, you would need to stand on a platform or work from steps. If it was thin then it could probably be cut from both sides without any problem.

Possibly the best combination would be a hedge of around 6 or 7 feet which would be short enough to be able to trim the top area OK using the 5 position head with 180 degree pivoting feature.

The Black & Decker NPT318 will cut through growth of 7/16 of an inch with a battery charge life of 50 minutes before needing to be recharged. Long enough really when trimming any high hedge as it can be a bit tiring.

Blade Length?

18 Inch in length

Suitable for Cutting Vertically?

The swivel head makes this trimmer suitable for working at many angles.

Dual Action Blades?


Any Reviews?


Been rated 4.0 from the 5 stars maximum by 189 users. Quite conflicting reviews, some good, some not to happy with the weight being a bit heavy to use. Other suggestions have been made and I would have to agree.

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