Black & Decker SSC1000 Electric Grass Shears Review

First let me say that at the time of this update to the Black & Decker SSC1000 review, that these electric grass shears are currently unavailable.

I have left the link in place just in case anyone who is researching for these types of trimmers can still read about it.

A selection of other electric grass shears can be found at this link.


Although small, the Black & Decker SSC1000 electric grass shears come into their own in the right situation. Tight corners of the lawn where the larger tools can’t get into, lawn edges, small shrubs that need to be shaped are just a few.

Being a one handed tool, it will allow anyone who for whatever reason only has the use of one hand to continue to care for their shrubs etc.

There is a handle available for purchase that fits the Black & Decker SSC1000 which provides easy maneuvering with the pair of wheels fitted. It gives users an option of working in an upright position rather than bending or kneeling down. Weighs only 4 pounds.

Black & Decker SSC1000 Electric Grass Shears

Black & Decker SSC1000 7.2-Volt Interchangeable Cordless Electric Shear/Shrubber

Power Type – Gas or Electric?


Cordless or Corded?

Cordless – Will run for up to 30 minutes using a 7.2 volt battery. Battery charger included.  (Refer to the reviews section at bottom of this page)

Cutting Capability?

Grass shears blade trims edges and awkward corners of lawns and the shrub trimmer  attachment is for tidying up small shrubs etc.

Blade Length?

Grass blade = 4 inch wide. Shrubber blade = 6 inches long.

Suitable for Cutting Vertically?

Being a small and light hand held tool it shouldn’t pose any problems.

Dual Action Blades?


Any Reviews?


Reviews are very poor for the Black & Decker SSC1000. Many complain that the grass shears won’t cut grass and the shrubber is not any better at trimming the shrubs. Another complaint is that the battery doesn’t last any length of time.

Rated at 3.1 out of 5 stars from the 87 reviews is not great and if you’re looking for a set of electric grass shears, I suggest you go for another brand such as the Gardena 8885.   Shrub trimmer attachment and long handle can be purchased separately if required.

Read more reviews at the link below.

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