Gardena 8893-U Shrub Trimmer Review

The Gardena 8893-U electric grass shears make the ideal hand trimmer to finish the little areas of grass unreachable with the grass mower. Reaching in between shrubs and around the base of trees are just some instances of it’s use. To save the need to bend over or kneeling down to use it, there is a handy quick fitting telescopic handle with a swivel function available as an added extra.

Another add-on is the shrub trimmer blade, the Gardena 2343-U with a cutting width of 7 Inches. This will allow you to tidy up any shrubs or small areas of hedging as you work your way around the yard. Light enough to carry around with you as it only weighs just over 2 pounds.

As you may have noticed, this little trimmer seems to be a bit pricey compared with other similiar type of tools and I’m sure you’re asking is the price is justifiable?

Comparing user reviews of electric grass shears certainly tells us that users of the Gardena 8893-U are having a great experience and are more than happy with their purchase. Those using the less expensive models are less happy with their purchase, in varying degrees.

Looks like one of those situations of  “you get what you pay”. Then you look at the telescopic handle which cost around $50 and you wonder what else does it do? Well it swivels certainly but!

The need For An Electric Grass Shears Comparison

Possibly the best idea would be to add a post to the site comparing the various models side by side. For anyone who is not shopping for electric grass shears on price only, then the Gardena 8893-U would be the automatic choice.

In the meantime for a comparison, you can visit the other reviews on here for the Black & Decker GSL35 , the Earthwise trimmer, M1E-LD-200M/7.2 , the Black & Decker SSC1000  or the Sun Joe HJ602C .

For a quick summary see the specs below or click the link.

gardena 8893-U

Gardena 8893-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shears, Comfort Cut

Power Type – Gas or Electric?

Electric – Comes compete with a pair of rechargeable batteries, lithium ion type.

Cordless Or Corded?


Cutting Capability?

Obviously you won’t be attempting to trim a large hedge with this trimmer as it is designed to clip shrubs and trim edges of grass where your mower or line trimmer cant get at.

Blade Length?

Blade width in this case, which is 3.25 inches wide, although there are other options you could add to this trimmer system. The Gardena 8899-U is a long handle that can be attached giving a longer reach, or the 7 inch blade for shrubs, which is the Gardena 2343-U.

Suitable for Cutting Vertically?

Shouldn’t pose a problem with a small hand held trimmer. As mentioned above the adjustable swivel handle when fitted, can be used for working at different angles and heights. For both the electric grass shears blade and the shrub trimmer.

Dual Action Blades?

NO – Not mentioned on the site.

Any Reviews?

YES – Reviews from 15 purchasers who have given the Gardena 8893-U electric grass shears a rating of 4.8 from the maximum of 5 stars.


Reviewers are delighted with the performance of this trimmer and especially happy when the long handle (Extra purchase), has been attached.


Even though this item was dearer to purchase than other similar products that they had bought, they still thought that it has proven to be the better buy.

More information found at the link below.

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