Kawasaki Hedge Trimmer  KHSS750A Review

The Kawasaki hedge trimmer reminds me very much of my own trimmer with the one sided blade and handle set-up.

Kawasaki khss750a Review

Kawasaki 30″ Hedge Trimmer #KHSS750A

Power Type – Gas or Electric?


Cordless Or Corded?

Not Applicable

Cutting Capability?

Powerful 2 cycle engine that powers this single sided blade cutter in real professional fashion.

Blade Length?

30 inches long

Suitable for Cutting Vertically?

The different handle set up with these types of trimmers really don’t need to have a swivel rear handle or a D shaped front handle, which would make the cutter unwieldy.
The small handle further up, attached to the cutting bar provides a better balance.

Dual Action Blades?

Not Applicable – Single sided blade.

Any Reviews?

YES – Only 1 review in which is more or less normal for professional types of equipment. The user gives the Kawasaki KHS750A 5 stars from the 5 stars possible.

Personal Experience

Due to the lack of reviews of the Kawasaki hedge trimmer let me just add that this type of trimmer (one sided) was my preferred tool when using trimmers in a professional capacity.

Not this particular make or model but similar to this item. Especially when trimming long hedge rows of compact growth the 30 inch long blade would cover a larger area in a quicker time.

I would have an aluminum sweeper type of fitting bolted to the top of the blade that would sweep the cuttings from the top of hedges in the same cutting stroke. A very tidy job was the result.

This is not to say that everyone has the same choice as myself because there are many who swear by the double sided trimmers. For the more general personal yard chores it might not make such a lot of difference.

Horses for courses I suppose!

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