Remington RM3017HP Extended Reach Hedge Trimmer

Before going any further on your research for this item, it looks like the Remington RM3017HP at this moment of time is currently unavailable.

If you are looking for a pole hedge trimmer, click the link and you will find a selection of reviews that I have put together about other similar models.

If you also want to see all of these long reach trimmers compared side by side in a comparison chart, go to this link above.

I have kept the page intact for the time being for anyone who wants to read the review about this pole trimmer, in the event that the item should become available once again.


Remington rm3017hp


More About the Remington RM3017HP

Power Type – Gas or Electric


Cordless Or Corded

Corded – 3 Amp motor used

Cutting Capability

For cutting higher up growth, an extended reach hedge trimmer makes the ideal tool although you may find it a bit cumbersome at first especially when performing normal tasks. Telescopic handle is made of an aluminum inner pole with the outer case made of fibreglass and gives a 10 foot reach.

Blade Length

17 Inches

Suitable for Cutting Vertically

Does not have a swivel rear handle, although the head can swivel through 5 positions.

Dual Action Blades


Any Reviews

YES – Disappointing reviews have been posted for the Remington RM3017HP with ratings at a low 2.2 from the 5 stars rating system coming in from the 71 users so far.

Complaints state that while the extended reach hedge trimmer is a good idea, this model keeps falling apart when attempting to cut through a not to thick twig (pencil size).

Other complaints find it a bit heavy which can be a common complaint with pole cutters especially if the motor is high up on the pole.

Refunds from Remington were OK, but looks like they will have to take this product back to the drawing board.

Read more reviews here

Not available at this time.

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