100ft extension cordThe 100ft extension cord makes the ideal garden power tool accessory for anyone using mains powered yard tools. Although the Coleman Cable 02309 power extension cord is specifically designed for outdoor use, it is still suitable for many of the home uses you might have planned for it.

No doubt you will have experienced the power cord becoming disconnected, perhaps through being slack at the power point or due to it being too short.

Both of these scenarios can be eliminated with this electric extension being a snug fit at power point and being of a good long length.

I have added it to the site mainly as a suitable accessory for those who have electric garden tools such as electric hedge trimmers, string trimmers, blowers or lawn mowers. But really it would make the ideal companion for power drill, power saws and other DIY tools used in the tool shed or garage.

Personally I’m all for buying the longer cords rather than shorter versions. Pulling on a tight cord is one sure way of loosening connectors, plus when using my electric pole hedge trimmer I need a longer cord.

One handy feature of the Coleman Cable 02309 is that it is kink resistant which makes unraveling it a lot less frustrating. The tough coating ensures safety by being resistant to the many times that it will be exposed to strong sunlight and will not soak up water from damp surfaces.

Uses for the Coleman Cable 02309

coleman cable 02309The 100ft extension cord is made up of 16 gauge wire and is suitable for our yard tools, DIY tools and household use for anything up to 10 amps. This will have a high enough amp rating for most of our gardening power tools which will range from around 2 amps to 7 amps.

The connectors fitted to the ends of these extension cords are molded to make them water resistant. The blades on the power socket end are reinforced making them less likely to become misshapen and unusable.

Users have been very active in leaving reviews for the Coleman Cable 02309. Users numbering 590 at the time of writing have taken the time and trouble to leave their thoughts on this 100 ft extension cord. They have rated it at 4.5 from the 5 stars total, which is a high result.

An update on these figures now shows us that there are now 1,015 users who have left their review for the Coleman Cable 02309 power extension cord. The ratings are standing up well at 4.5 from 5 stars.

When you think about it, what’s the point in owning the best electric hedge trimmer in the world and have an inferior chord powering it.

Check out todays special pricing below.

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A Few Pros and Cons


correct markGood price


correct markDoes what it is made for


correct markSpeedy delivery



incorrect markI’d rather they were green


incorrect markComplaints about the description being misleading – states it’s 13Amp and it’s not – its 10amp.

I don’t suppose that there is a lot you can say about outdoor extension cords really and the reports are very similar. What I would say about the negative reviews are.

I would not prefer the color to be green as someone suggested mainly because I’m used to this color of electric power cord. If it were green I might be inclined to cut through it when doing lawn work.

The other negative I think may have already been rectified. “States its 13Amp and it’s not – its 10 amp.” It does state 10 amps clearly, so I take it that the mistake has been fixed.

That being said, the difference in a 13amp and a 10amp power cord is an important factor to consider when buying one.

Understanding the Amperage Figures for a 100ft Extension Cord

Just bear in mind that the longer the extension, the lower the amp figure will be, that it will comfortably handle. To see this for yourself, visit 100ft extension cord and simply click on the other selections of 15, 25, and the 50 foot extension versions. You will see that the amp figure now changes from 10amp as in the 100ft version to 13amp for the other three shorter ones.

Another alternative would be to change to a different gauge of copper wire such as 14 gauge as opposed to the 16 gauge used here. Remember that the higher the gauge figure the thinner the wire will be.

If you’re unsure, making a check of the amperage figures of your equipment will keep you right. But as mentioned earlier, this 100ft extension cord will be suitable for the majority of electric powered gardening tools you use.

How to Wrap Extension Cord – Well Maybe Not

Is this how you intend to store your power extension? Well although it certainly looks attractive, I don’t envisage any female members in our household taking the chance of breaking a fingernail or two trying it out.

There are other options of extension cord storage available to us that are a bit more suitable and quicker for wrapping up our 100ft extension cord.

Using an extension cord reel makes the ideal storage system which not only makes the winding up easier but also the unraveling process as well.

Extension Cord Reel Examples

If you want to coil up your extension quicker here are some extension cord reel ideas that will help. The prices vary and will suit most pockets while making the gardening chores that much quicker and easier.

Starting with the cheapest option that I can find which is the, Bayco K-100 150Ft Cord Reel made to be used both indoors as well as out. This is a floor bayco-100ft-cord-winderstanding model, rather than having to attach it to a post or a wall.



In the middle price range is the Wonder Winder Hand Crank Extension Cord Winder. The Wonder Winder again stores 100 feet of extension chord with a wonder-winder14/3 gauge. If your extension cord is 16/3 gauge then it will store up to 150 feet and 75 feet of 12/3 gauge.

Bear in mind that the higher the gauge figure is, the thinner the wires used.


Probably more for professional use is the Prime portable cord winder which has a metal base. That being said, there are a few reviews left here by ownersportable-cord-winder who are not 100% happy with it. Perhaps a more robust method of how to coil cable when an extension cord winder is used professionally might be required.

Apart from making it easier and quicker when you’re working with an extension cord, using something like the Wonder Winder will help to avoid accidents such as tripping over loose cord. For the small outlay, it makes sense and also makes life that bit easier at the same time. There are other versions of the 100ft extension cord available to suit personal preferences, click here to see the other choices.


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