If you’re in the process of researching what’s the best gas hedge trimmer rather than the electric models available, firstly you need to ask yourself what will be expected from this type of trimmer. Will it be used for professional use or in a domestic situation? How high are the hedges that it will be trimming?best gas hedge trimmer

Most folk looking for these gas versions either have a great deal of hedging and shrubs that need taking care of, or are professionals. They are looking for a powerful, hard wearing and at the same time, a go anywhere machine that can’t be provided by the electric models.

Choosing the Best Gas Hedge Trimmer for Your Needs

If it’s a professional model that you’re looking for, then be prepared to pay a bit extra for what is after all a more robust machine, than what you will need for a domestic model. Don’t grudge the dearer price, it will be earning you money for years to come from the hedge work you will be doing, provided it is maintained properly.

When a gas hedge trimmer is used for domestic purposes, it might only be brought out of the shed on a couple of occasions each year at best. The less expensive models will be all that is required, unless you have acres of property and boundary hedges all around that need to be maintained.

Further down the page I have picked out some examples of what are the best gas hedge trimmers for each of the above situations.

Gas Hedge Trimmer Suitable for Domestic Use

I say for domestic use, but in reality this gas hedge trimmer could be used in a commercial capacity if it were not being over used. The one I refer to is the Poulan Pro PP2822, fitted with a 22 inch long blades and a 2 cycle 28cc gas powered engine.poulan pro pp2822 gas hedge trimmer

The price of this model has certainly been an influence in choosing it. Especially for domestic users where people don’t want to fork out a fortune, but at the end of the day will have the benefit of owning a gas powered hedge trimmer.

This model has cutting blades on each side and a rotating rear handle feature. The rotating handle feature can help when you’re cutting the vertical face of the hedges, by turning it through 90 degrees. Coupled with the front D shaped handle, it provides a more comfortable working position.

Many users of the Poulan Pro PP2822 have shown their satisfaction with the product by leaving a good number of positive reviews about it. That and the low competitive price mean that it also gets my vote as the best gas hedge trimmer for domestic use.

I have also looked at the Poulan Pro 25HHT which is a cheaper version made by Poulan but for the $20 difference, in my opinion; it is worth treating yourself to something more substantial like the Pro PP2822.

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Best Commercial Hedge Trimmer – Gas of Course

Although not made by the same manufacturer, the Tanaka HTS-2530PF commercial hedge trimmer is almost identical to the gas hedge trimmer that I used as a professional gardener a few years back.tanaka hedge trimmer review

It has similar features, such as the 30″ long blade which is single sided and the same handle structure which is very comfortable to use. I purchased and fitted an aluminum plate that was about 24 inches long onto the top of the cutting blade.

This would sweep the hedge clippings from the top of the hedge as I worked along it. A handy and inexpensive little device that would be well worth adding by owners of this type of cutter.

The Tanaka HTS-2530PF has a PureFire 24 cc, 1.3 h.p low emission engine designed to be used for long working periods. Padding has been added to the handle on the front which helps to reduce vibration from the blades.

Tanaka was the first company who managed to certify the C.A.R.B. Tier II regulation with regards to emissions. Other companies just said it can’t be done with the 2 stroke engine. Tanaka has overcome the problems and is a worthy candidate as being a best gas hedge trimmer in the commercial category among others.

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Gas Pole Hedge Trimmer

If you have tall hedges that need to be trimmed, a gas pole hedge trimmer would suit your needs best. The alternative is to climb up and down a stepladder as you go along the hedge. If you have both sides to trim, it will take you twice as long and will soon become a bore.husqvarna 327hE3x pole hedge trimmer

I personally have done it the hard way mentioned above and it wasn’t so much climbing the steps that got to me. It was carrying the steps around and making sure that they were steadily situated each time before proceeding to climb them again with a sharp and dangerous cutting machine in my hands.

One such tool that would do this job for you is the Husqvarna 327HE3X pole hedge trimmer. This extended reach gas trimmer has a 24.5cc gas powered engine and gives you around 10 foot of reach to get the job done easier.

You can change the blade angles without putting your hands anywhere near the blades via the remote adjuster. Weighing 14.3 pounds it’s certainly no lightweight, but that’s the price we pay for having a robust tool that at the end of the day, does exactly as it claims.

Read more about the Husqvarna 327HE3X pole hedge trimmer here.

Bear in mind that the shrubs, trees and hedges that you have to look after today, will be maturing and you need to decide, how high you want them to grow. Obviously if you will be letting them grow to the higher height, the gas pole hedge trimmer may suit you best.

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Best Hedge Trimmer Chosen?

So there you have it, have you chosen the best hedge trimmer that will suit you yet. Once you know, that it is a gas hedge trimmer that you want and have decided what you want it to do for you, you will then have a better idea of what type you need to buy.

Just as a reminder, hedging and shrubs will grow taller over the years, so take into account now what height you intend to let them grow up to.

If you will be having tall hedging and lots of it, then consider looking at a gas pole hedge trimmer as an option.

If it’s a professional hedge trimmer you need, then choose wisely as it will be your bread and butter. If it’s for home use, then you will get away with a less expensive type of gas hedge trimmer.

There are more choices and reviews on the site to help you pick the gas hedge trimmer to suit your needs.

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