best hedge trimmer for conifersIf you are looking for the best hedge trimmer for conifers, there are a few things you need to know about conifers before you will be able to choose the appropriate tools.

Although conifers are typically associated with some of the largest and oldest trees worldwide, they also come in the form of and indeed make some of the best shrubbery and hedges. You may have seen these at parks and public gardens where they are easily trimmed into a variety of shapes. In this article, we will present the best hedge trimmer for your particular species of conifer, be it hedge or standalone shrubs so that you can get the best possible results.

In most cases, when people think of conifer trees, several different ones come to mind. For instance, if you have ever been to the redwoods, or if you have been in a forest with pine trees or junipers, these are all part of the conifer family. In regard to gardening, gardeners use conifers in an ornamental fashion because they are one of the best and easiest to maintain and cut into different shapes. They can also be used to create a fantastic looking hedge row or for screening purposes. So when it comes to pruning them, there are a few tools that you will need to have.

Best Trimmers Suitable for Dwarf Conifers

Dwarf conifers to name a few such as Juniperus Conferta and the blue varieties of Blue Forest and Juniperus Blue Star could all be trimmed easily enough using hand hedge shears, often referred to as hand hedge clippers. If you have a lot of these shrubs that need tending, then it might be best to go for the mechanical version of trimmer available.

These can range from the one one handed electric shears used more for very small variety of conifer and indeed can be one of the best little tools to carry around with you, for doing any tidying up of straggling twigs etc. Another suitable tool would be an electric hedge trimmer (read more at this link) that come in corded and the cordless forms. The small less expensive of these models would do the job of keeping the dwarf varieties tidy, although if you also have larger hedging to look after, it would be best to upgrade to the more robust and more expensive models.

Selection of Best Hedge Trimmers for Conifer Hedges

The larger conifer, apart from being used as showy solitary specimens are often used for boundary hedging or for screening or providing shelter. Care should be taken when choosing these conifers especially if you don’t like the thought of clambering up high ladders to trim them, as some can grow to exceptionally high heights.

Forget the hand held shears and the one handed electric versions here, as they are really not an option. Watch the professionals at work when trimming these larger conifers. You’ll see that their choice of the best hedge trimmer for these tasks is more often than not, the gas powered hedge trimmer. OK, they will be working in more than one garden or yard and gas makes the best option due to them not requiring an electric power supply, but they do make an excellent choice of trimmer for anyone with a lot of hedging to cut.

Blade lengths of these gas trimmers range from around 18 inches, up to 30 inches. Obviously the larger versions are the best choice as they will get the job done quicker, but bear in mind they will also be a bit heavier to use.

The next stage down from the gas versions are the electric 22 and 24 inch bladed electric hedge trimmers. These corded clippers are the most popular choice in the electric department, although as battery technology is improving all the time we can see a rise in cordless versions being used.

Alternative Tools for Trimming Tall Conifers

Unfortunately, conifers can become quite tall. In most cases, you’ll have to utilize a ladder that will allow you to get to the upper heights of them in order to make sure they don’t grow out of control. You can use extension tools which attach like long poles to the ends of your hedge shears in order to get to greater heights but you will still be struggling to trim the top area. For this you will need to stand on a platform or work from a ladder.

If there is quite a bit to trim, the gas or electric pole hedge trimmer would be the best way to go. The pole trimmer will in most cases have an articulating cutter bar at it’s extreme that can be set at varying angles for reaching the top areas of hedging.

The average reach gained by the extended trimmer is around 10 foot. This will save a lot of ladder work, although if the hedges are really wide standing on something may still be required to reach all the way across the hedge, especially if your access is restricted on the other side.

Depending upon the type of conifer hedges that you are working with, the tools that we have mentioned will more than likely be adequate for any type of trimming or pruning job.

There is nothing more beautiful than a conifer hedge that has a unique appearance, or forms a natural wall or barrier. You simply need to be concerned with your safety when taking care of your hedge if it has grown quite tall. Otherwise, with the tools presented in this article, you should now know which tool is the best hedge trimmer for your particular needs.

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