What we find in the Black and Decker LST136 review is a string trimmer with a battery twice the power of the previous Black & Decker NST2118 model that we reviewed earlier. As you would expect, the LST136 will have the capability to not only trim more grass but also tackle the tougher weeds found in the yard.

black and decker lst136black and decker lst136Power from the 36-volt lithium ion battery will allow the user to continue working for a longer period and be able to finish the task a lot quicker without the need to change batteries. There is nothing that will drain any batteries more than attempting to cut through thick, stubborn grass and weeds. Certainly something you need to take into consideration when purchasing a line trimmer is the type of growth you have in your yard.

Another point to consider, are there any lawn edgings that will need to be trimmed? Often a lawn can be butted up level against a stone or wooden edging, meaning that the mower can easily finish the job without having to clip the lawn edge. On the other hand, if the lawn edge is raised, then to give a neat finish, trimming is required.

With the Black and Decker LST136, it offers both power and a quick change to become an edging tool with a simple shaft turn. While mentioning the shaft, another good feature of this weed eater is the fact that it is adjustable. Ask anyone who has back problems, about the benefits of working with equipment designed for the optimum working position. This feature provides more comfort, especially when working for long periods for anyone and not only for those with back problems.

Other Features of the Black and Decker Weed Eater

I mentioned earlier about the more powerful 36 volt battery being beneficial for trimming the tougher growth, well this model also has a very handy built in dial adjuster you can set to tackle the various difficult weeds found in the garden.

black and decker weed eaterB & D call this feature “PowerCommand” which is aptly named because it will boost the RPM from 6500, used for normal working to give a longer battery life, up to 8500 RPM for the tougher jobs.

This new generation of black & Decker 36-volt straight shaft cordless string trimmer also features an automatic spool feed, via the AF-100 spool which makes the older bump method redundant. The diameter of the line it uses is .065 of an inch.

Having to wait for batteries to be recharged to complete a task can be frustrating, to put it mildly. Especially if you’re in a hurry, possibly while the weather is suitable or just to get the job out of the way and completed, hanging around just doesn’t cut it.black and decker lst136 review

The battery charger supplied with the Black and Decker LST136 weed eater is a fast charger and only takes 1 hour to have it ready to complete the job. Just time enough to have a refreshing drink and a snack.

Just to bring to your attention, if the weight of a string trimmer is an important factor for you, the Amazon site states that this trimmer is 6.5 pounds, while at the Black and Decker’s site it states that the weight for the lst136 is 7.8. This could be an error, or one may include the battery and the other doesn’t.

Black and Decker LST136 Review – Quick Specs Section

Power Type – Gas or Electric:


Cordless or Corded:

Cordless – Comes with one 36-volt NiCad battery (Spare ones can be Purchased).

Cutting Capability:

13 inches diameter and uses Black and Decker’s PowerDrive Transmission

Has quick change to become an edger from the trimmer position.

Adjustable handle gives most suitable and comfortable height for individual users.

Cutting Width:

13 inches

Suitable for Edging:

Yes with simple turn shaft adjustment


States 6.5 pounds on Amazon site and 7.8 pounds on Black and Decker’s site?


Warranty: 3 years warranty against workmanship and materials and 30 to 90 retailers individual policy for exchanges after sale.

What To Expect Inside the Box:

LBXR36 36-volt lithium-ion battery, LST136 cordless weed eater, LC36 36-volt fast charger, guard, spool, auxiliary handle and the operating instructions manual.

LST136 Trimmer Video Review

The video will provide you with some idea what to expect from the Black and Decker LST136. Watch to see it go through the trimming of various situations.

Feedback for the Black and Decker LST136

The LST136 weed eater receives an average of 4.5 stars from the 5 star ratings system from the 428 users who have left a review, which are pretty good figures. That being said there have been a couple of purchasers who have had problems with their batteries.


Pro Image  Quick charging


Pro Image  Battery life


Pro Image  Very easy to use


Pro Image  Light weight



cons image  Battery failure problem


Below are a selection of comments

Comment left by PghYinzer

I keep thinking about a gas powered trimmer – but the maintenance scares me. Reviews of the cordless electrics have tended to be hit or miss. But we have had a 36v B&D cordless lawnmower for a few years now and I am very happy with it so since this new version of the 36v cordless trimmer came out I thought I would give it a go.

Comment left by Gregory R. Zars

I was a little hesitant since B&D is not exactly commercial grade, but reviews at home center sites were very favorable. I LOVE THIS THING! My grass on the edges was loooong in addition to having various thick stalked flora to accompany my neglect.

The trimmer had no issue with any of it. It cut through milkweed and other stalky weeds with ease. It is much lighter and far easier to handle than my Stihl trimmer; I had way less fatigue. My lot is about 16,000 ft2 with fences, landscaping stones, a hedge row, and 5 fully grown trees, and it did the whole thing on one charge. It was almost depleted at the end, but this wasn’t a typical trim job as I had completely let it go for a year.

Comment left by A Kent Lester

First, let me say that I was very impressed with this trimmer when I first bought it. My experience was in line with most of the reviewers here. However, over the winter, both batteries have failed. When put in the charger, the “broken battery” signal (rapidly flashing red light) comes on and the charger refuses to charge the batteries, even though one of them still has a significant charge. What makes this failure so bad is that:

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