Review of Black and Decker TR117 Bush Trimmer

The Black and Decker TR117 is what I would term as being a bush trimmer rather than a hedge trimmer unless of course it was being used on a very small hedge. If your hedge falls into this category or you only have bushes that need to be trimmed then this little cutter from B&D could be for you.

There would be no need to purchase the more expensive models and indeed the Black and Decker TR117 comes in at the lower end in the price scale. Light on the pocket and light to work with, as the trimmer weighs only 4.3 pounds.

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Black and Decker TR117 bush trimmer

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Power Type – Gas or Electric?


Cordless Or Corded?

Corded – Uses 3.2 amp motor

Cutting Capability?

Will cut growth up to 5/8 inch of an inch

Blade Length?

17 Inch

Suitable for Cutting Vertically?

I wouldn’t recommend using this trimmer for any hedges unless they were small.  Although I think it would be fine for keeping shrubs/bushes in trim.

Not to sure how good a grip that the front handle provides when using it to cut on the vertical, especially when cutting heavy growth. No swivel action on the rear handle, which I wouldn’t expect on these lower priced models anyway.

Dual Action Blades?


Any Reviews?

YES – With 4.7 out of the 5 stars max from the 22 reviews isn’t bad at all. People do mention how happy they are with the Black and Decker TR117 electric trimmer, although a lot of them are talking about trimming shrubs.

Many women or even the more elderly, might find the 17 inch blade much easier to wield than the more normal sized blades of 22 and 24 inches. If the tasks needing done were not to large, then it might just be the right trimmer for such occasions, especially when it only weighs in at 4.3 pounds.

All in all, when you look at the price of the trimmer (which is very reasonable) and the fact that there is a 2 year warranty, it is a good buy for what it can do.

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