Black & Decker Corded Hedge Trimmers ComparedThe Black & Decker corded hedge trimmers comparison chart has been added to the site due to the large selection that this company have made available to us.It can be viewed further down the page if you’re in a hurry.

Models which have been (Discontinued by Manufacturer) have NOT been added to the comparison chart as these might sell out really soon. It would therefore be a waste of time adding them and would only succeed in cluttering up the chart for no good reason.
Of the corded models which I have found from Black & Decker, there are a total of 6. All are conventional types as they don’t appear to have made any pole trimmers that are corded.

If you’re looking for a comparison chart for the cordless hedge trimmers by Black and Decker go to this link. There are 3 conventional trimmers on there and 2 pole trimmers which are often referred to as long reach trimmers.

Sizes to Suit Everyone

In the corded hedge trimmer reviews you’ll find a good selection of blade lengths that would suit most people. They range in sizes from the smaller 16 inch model, 17 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch and up to the larger 24 inch version.

I have reviewed all of the models listed in the comparison chart. Comparing models in the chart first will give you a quick idea of what trimmer would suit your particular needs best and also let you take price into account at the same time.

Once you have made your decision on which one would suit you, click on the link below of that model to get a more in depth review.

 The B&D Electric Corded Hedge Trimmer Reviews are:

The Black and Decker HT22

Black and Decker TR117

Black & Decker HH2455 hedge trimmer

TR116 Black and Decker electric hedge trimmer

Black & Decker HT20 hedge trimmer

Comparison Chart for Black & Decker Corded Hedge Trimmers

You’ll see 2 prices listed, one is the list price and the other is the discounted price the trimmer is being listed at when I put this comparison table together.

The price of a corded electric hedge trimmer can change, as can the discounted price although there is normally some form of discount available most of the time anyway.

Just click on the links at the bottom of the comparison table, that will take you to each corded hedge trimmer in turn to see what the offer is when you visit.


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