Black & Decker HH2455 Review

The Black & Decker HH2455 hedge trimmer also referred to by many folk as the Black and Decker hedgehog trimmer, has become a popular choice among buyers of electric trimmers. Many are enjoying the fact that it has the longer blade size that can enable them to reach further along the top of the hedge.

I understand fully what they are saying, when that extra couple of inches means the difference of being able to completely finish the top of the hedge without having to go round and finish it from the other side. It’s not always convenient and the ground working area may not be as good on that side.

There’s nothing worse than having to revert back to the old manually operated extended hedge trimmer to allow you to complete the job.

The above is something to consider before making the purchase of a trimmer. Check your hedge dimensions and try to imagine what the final size of your hedges and shrubs will be. Will a 24 inch, a 22 inch, an 18 inch suit your needs best. On the other hand you won’t want to be working with a longer blade length when you only have a few small shrubs to maintain.

Read a more detailed review with bullet points for quick reference below.

Black & Decker HH2455

More About the HedgeHog Trimmer

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Power Type – Gas or Electric?


Cordless Or Corded?

Corded – The Black & Decker HH2455 uses a 3.3 Amp motor which has their new in-line design to give more control, more precision and better balance. More durability has been built into this motor due to the gear reduction.

The dual switch position gives the safety feature of “Lock Off” which will prevent the chance of starting up accidentally and “Lock On” to allow the trimmer to run continuously when working.

Cutting Capability?

Cuts growth up to 3/4 of an inch in thickness. I prefer to use the term growth when writing about these cutting capability figures as opposed to the majority of the manufacturers who use the term “branches”. This is not only Black and Decker, it seems to be throughout the whole spectrum.

To me, there is a huge difference between a 3/4 inch diameter sapling of some very soft growth and an old branch of some hardwood similar to a piece of 3/4 inch hardwood doweling.

You will have to use your common sense when trimming your hedges and shrubs, you know best what your trimmer will cut readily and the job that will require you to tackle it with a pair of loppers.

Weighing only 7.9 pounds makes the HH2455 trimmer easy to work with for long periods before tiring. Perhaps not too important of a feature for those with only a few shrubs and a very small hedge to look after. For those who have a more mature yard and lots of shrubs and hedging this can be a very important feature. Especially if time and the weather conditions are not always on your side.

Blade Length?

The Hedgehog trimmer has 24 inch long blades made from pre-hardened steel. See more details about choosing blade lengths at the beginning of this review.

Suitable for Cutting Vertically?

YES – Choose from 5 setting options provided with the 180 degree rotating rear handle for easier vertical cutting, which is an appreciated feature of the hedgehog trimmer. Simple and quick to adjust when choosing your desired angle for sculpting work.

A ‘D’ shaped front handle allows you to grasp the edges of the handle, giving greater comfort when cutting up the face of hedges.

Dual Action Blades?

YES – Improved cutting speed and a reduction of vibration is obtained with the dual action blades feature.

Any Reviews?

YES – Some really glowing reports are coming from Black & Decker HH2455 hedge trimmer users. There’s no shortage of reviews either. Some 105 people have given a review and the average ratings are 4.6 from 5 stars.

Updated on 16th of June 2013  – The number of reviews now in for the Black & Decker HH2455 stands at 127 with ratings of 4.5 from the 5 stars total available. That’s an increase of around 20% since the last time I wrote about this HedgeHog trimmer.

The rating also suggest that users are every bit as happy today with the trimmers performance as when I first wrote about it, great news!

Below are some positive comment from the reviews:

I had never owned electric hedge trimmers before. I grew up using hand clippers and being a creature of habit I never upgraded. Finally, this season I was too overwhelmed to even attempt cutting back the hedges and bushes around my house in that old manner. Researching products on-line the 2450 model stuck out as the “best workhorse” for the buck. This 2455 trimmer is basically the same unit but with a rotating handle.

This model is basically the HH2450 with a new swivel handle, which allows you to turn the blade and handle 90 degrees left or right, which makes transitioning from trimming the top of the hedge to the side of the hedge a real breeze. I have long hedges and spend as much time trimming the sides of the hedges as I do the top, which with every other trimmer I’ve seen, makes for a pretty awkward hold. With the swivel feature, it’s just as comfortable trimming vertically as it is horizontally. This is a nice upgrade to an already very solid trimmer-

Some less than positive comments:

I have owned several Black & Decker hedge trimmers over the years. I purchased this model because it was highly rated. In my yard there are boxwood (light duty) and taxus yew (heavier duty) bushes. The trimmer cuts OK but I can hear the motor drag when I try to cut either of the 2 types of bushes. The length is a bit unwieldy but as others have written it is fairly light in weight which is a plus. I can’t speak to durability yet, but I generally trust the Black & Decker name. I gave it a 3 because in my opinion it does an O.K. job. Honestly, I think you would be hard pressed to get through a 3/4″ branch – more like it’s suitable for 1/2″ at best.

As I mentioned earlier in this review as well as elsewhere on the site, the statements made by the manufacturers about cutting branches of 3/4 and 1/2 on inch are confusing to say the least. Common sense and knowing your particular plants toughness should be your guide!!!

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