Black and Decker HT20 reviewThe Black & Decker HT20 is another corded electric hedge trimmer from the B & D stable. As far as pricing is concerned it’s not their cheapest hedge trimmer and it sits more or less in the mid range for this type of trimmer.  See our comparison table and see where this  black & decker electric hedge trimmer sits in the ratings that are listed side by side for easy rating.

The HT20 has many of the similar features of other B&D models although the blade length on this one is 20 inches long, as you may have worked out by the model number.

The blades are the usual dual action type which has become the standard for B & D and made from rust free hardened steel. The front handle is the D shaped design which can help when cutting the vertical face of a hedge, but the rear handle has no swivel mechanism which can make life a bit more comfortable, especially when you have a lot of vertical trimming to do.

The Black & Decker hh2455 hedgehog trimmer may be the wiser choice if it’s a corded electric trimmer you have your eye on and have a lot of vertical work to do. The Black & Decker HT20 uses the lock-off type of switch, which has become more and more common on electric power tools.

Although it is a safer system and helps to prevents accidental starting up of the motor, users can sometimes find it tiring holding down the on switch. To read more details visit the site here.

Quick Guide to the Black & Decker HT20 Features

Power Type – Gas or Electric: Electric

Cordless or Corded: Corded version and powered by a 3.8-amp motor.

Cutting Capability: Will trim growth up to 3/4 inch

Blade Length? Rust resistant blade is 20 inches long and made of hardened steel

Suitable for Cutting Vertically: The front handle is a good wrap round shape that will provide a good grip when cutting vertically, although there is no swivel mechanism on the rear handle.

Dual Action Blades: Yes – has dual action blades

Any Accessories etc: None

Warranty: Backed by a 2 year warranty

Any Reviews: Yes – There are 24 reviews from users The ratings for these reviews are standing at 4.6 from 5 stars left by the 24 users, which is pretty high rating figures.


Verdict on This Electric Hedge Trimmer

Black & Decker HT20 Hedge Trimmer ReviewMy thoughts on this Black & Decker electric hedge trimmer are that it does give fair value for money when you take into account what you’re actually getting. It will not be for everyone that’s for sure, as I for one wouldn’t like to use it on large areas of hedging.

But I don’t think that the manufacturers had that in mind anyway, as they have a wide selection of trimmers that would be better suited to the larger jobs.

For looking after the small to medium yard with regards to hedge and shrub maintenance, I believe the HT20 will suit well. OK there are some negatives about the trimmer, such as the non-adjusting rear handle, but I think that’s reflected in the price and normal for a cheap electric hedge trimmer .

Weighing only 7 pounds it makes it light enough for most members of the family to use without to much discomfort. That coupled with both, a decent 20 inch blade size and a 3.8-amp motor does give value.

Keeping in mind that “you gets what you pay for”, if your hedge and shrub trimming requirement are larger than normal, think of choosing something more suitable and robust.

Read more details and see the discounts offered for the Black & Decker HT20 here.

Black and Decker Video

Although the video doesn’t feature the Black & Decker HT20 model particularly, you will be able to see some Black & Decker electric hedge trimmers in action. Got to admit though, they don’t seem to be giving these tools to much work to do.

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