cordless trimmer edger The cordless trimmer edger is certainly one of those gardening tools that saves time as well as effort if you want to spend more time relaxing in the garden rather than tending it. Featured in this review is the Black & Decker LST220 20v Lithium Ion line trimmer which will do the job breaking free from a mains cable models.

The 7,500 rpm produced by the powerful little motor means an easier and faster job completion with a cutting swath of 12 inches. Both trim and edge your lawn with the same tool with quick swivel head adjustment.

No matter what height you might be or other members of the family who might use this cordless string trimmer, with the adjustable handle everyone can use it and in a more comfortable fashion. Complete trimming/edging without taking it out on your back.

On the subject of comfort and ease of use, weighing just slightly over 5 pounds means you don’t have to be of big stature in order to work with the unit.
Cordless Trimmer Edger
The line feed spool is automatic which again is a time saver without the need to adjust the line length every so often.

For anyone who has any of the other Black and Decker tools such as a Black and Decker 20 volt hedge trimmer and any others in the MAX range will find that the LST220 20v Lithium Ion trimmer is compatible.

With the extra battery in the package you will be able to do twice the amount of cutting. For those with something a bit bigger than a very small lawn, they will defiantly appreciate the longer cut time provided via the back-up battery which will enable you to complete the job in one session.

Read all about the Black & Decker LST220 string trimmer here.

Points That Users of This Cordless Trimmer Edger Have Shared

Users of the trimmer/edger say that it handles very well, with an “ergonomic” feel to it and easily rotates a full 360
degrees. The auto-feed system is handy and doesn’t require you to stop every so often to rewind or advance the line.

The 12-inch swath that this Black & Decker LST220 product has, uses the full power of the 20-volt lithium-ion battery to make any trimming job quick and effective.

This product is particularly great if you have a small yard or a small area for trimming. With larger areas, you may need to use both batteries, but the power surges should help ease the task.

Black & Decker LST220 headConsumers often rave about Black & Decker’s customer service and the way they stand behind their warranties. This tool has a two-year limited warranty, which should offer all the protection you need.

Customers also love the weight of this unit – only a little over five pounds with the battery fitted. That’s considerably less weight than any other similar trimmer on the market today.

And, the “groom ‘n’ edge” feature rotates quickly to 180 degrees so that you can switch from edging to cutting easily – and in seconds. The automatic feeder uses centrifugal force to distribute the line as needed and the pole telescopes for easy adjustment to whatever job you’re performing.

Those who have never used cordless or non-gas powered tools will be amazed at the ease of use that this Black & Decker line trimmer offers. You don’t have to pull a cord to start the unit – a quick press of a button will do the job. It also produces less noise and much less pollution than other trimmers and even though the batteries need to be charged periodically – there are two of them, so you can interchange when needed.

Black & Decker specialize in tools of all types and offer quality in everything they manufacture. For the price of this 20-volt lithium-ion unit, you’ll love what you get. Leave behind the old hassles of gas, oil and cords and enjoy the ease of use of this handy battery-operated string trimmer.

Watch The Black & Decker LST220 Video

With over 500 users who have given ratings for the Black & Decker LST220 cordless trimmer edger the ratings are an impressive 4.2 from the possible 5 stars. That’s a high rating and not from just a handful of reviews.

I have added the promotional video here from Black & Decker to give you look at this cordles trimmer and edger in action.

Tech Specs to Consider

Some important speciation’s you may find useful to ensure this line trimmer will stack up for your gardening and lawn care needs.

Powered By ————— Lithium Ion
Line Feed System ——— Automatic
Cutting Line Diameter —- 0.065″
Voltage —————— 20 V
Weighing in at ———– 5.2 lbs
Revs Per Minute ———- 7200 rpm


Pro Image   Like the line’s new auto feed system


Pro Image   Faster speed


Pro Image   Two batteriesis a good idea


Pro Image   Enjoyed the length adjustment


Pro Image   Like the fact that no power cable is required


Pro Image   Tackles most types of growth



cons image   Doesn’t do a great job of edging because of the drain on the battery


cons image   Only 20 minutes per battery life


cons image   As batteries age they take longer to charge with less run time


cons image   Edging St Augustine grass can be challenging


To Sum Up

Providing you don’t have a large garden area that needs to be trimmed and edged, the Black & Decker LST220 would make the ideal tool,image of string trimmer while at the same time free you from the need to have an extension cord.

Anyone who perhaps has tougher trimming tasks lined up should also take a look at the Black & Decker LST136 36-Volt Lithium Ion cordless trimmer edger.

With the extra power provided and the ability to change the RPM from 6500 to the higher 8500 RPM to tackle tougher weeds will prove useful.

The edger facility on this model seems to let it down a little although the actual trimming side of things seems to work very well.

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