Black & Decker Pole Hedge Trimmer Review

Black & Decker Pole Hedge Trimmer Review

black and decker lpht120The pole hedge trimmer is designed for tall hedges and trees that you would be struggling to reach even with a 22″ 24″ and a 30″ hedge trimmer.

Whether you’ve moved to a new home with taller growing plants o your hedges and plant have become more mature and outgrown your existing trimmers capabilities, this pole trimmer could possibly meet your requirements.

It’s always preferable to be working at ground level rather than climbing up and down stepladders, which in many situations could be on ground that’s not level. Safety is an important factor that should always be taken seriously when working with power tools and hedge trimmers are no exception.

long handled hedge trimmer
This trimmer will effectively allow you to trim your hedges up to 10 feet. You will also have the choice of setting the head of the trimmer to any of 5 different angle setting throughout 180 degrees. This will allow for cutting the top of a hedge flat with the 90 degree setting, or have the top at any angle you choose. Another use for the a long handled hedge trimmer is getting into tight corners that would cause you to be to cramped with a normal type.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the Black & Decker LPHT120 pole hedge trimmer is part of B&D 20V Max system. This means that purchasers can add many other tools from the Black and Decker 20V Max range and use the same battery. Gardening tools such as the string trimmer, pole saw, leaf blower, cultivator, chainsaw, Alligator Lopper, conventional hedge trimmer and many other types of hand tools.

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LPHT120 Pole Hedge Trimmer – Quick Specs Guide

Power Type – Gas or Electric?


Cordless Or Corded?

Cordless – Uses longer lasting 20V lithium ion battery

Cutting Capability?

This pole hedge trimmer certainly ticks a lot of boxes in the plus department with a lot of it’s features. Things like, it’s cordless, powerful battery, light enough to work with and the long reach facility.

Blade Length?

18-inch – blade which has a 7/16 of an inch gap which improves cutting performance.

Suitable for Cutting Vertically?

Yes – with the head that can pivot into 5 different positions, it will allow you to clip hedges and shrubs etc from bottom up to the top, change the angle to 90 degrees and start trimming the very top of the hedge.

Dual Action Blades?

Yes – Provides better cutting action with less vibration

What’s In The Box:

Hedge Trimmer
Cover for the blade
20V MAX battery – LBXR20
Bag to store trimmer

Black & Decker LPHT120 Video Review

The video review shows a Black & Decker LPHT120  pole hedge trimmer in use. The hedge is 8 to 10 feet high which stretches all around the house and is about 40 to 45 foot long.

Black & Decker Pole Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Any Reviews?

Yes – With 65 reviews this trimmer picks up 4.1 from 5 stars. In general most of the purchasers are happy with it’s performance and the battery life. A possible complaint is that some have found it quite tiring to use after a spell.


Reviews have now increased by around 25% and standing at 82 from users. Ratings have stayed much the same at 4.0 from 5 stars.


Adequate battery life

Was able to use it as a weed whacker

Works as advertised


Can feel a bit heavy when using over head for long periods

Cutting head contains the motor making it heavy

Wish it was a bit longer

Sample pole hedge trimmer review by Bob

I have some tall shrubbery so with a little research I bought the B&D pole trimmer and pole saw. I used the pole saw for trimming tree limbs and was able to use the extra extension to make the pole trimmer even longer. Both tools share the same battery/handle so this worked out great when holding the hedge trimmer upright to get the really tall stuff. But it was just too heavy to lift when using it stretched out in front of me. Even without the extra extension, I could only trim about 3 bushes before my arms would give out. Part of the problem is the trimmer does not cut as well as a plug in electric.

Review by renae c


This makes trimming so much easier than with an electric trimmer. No more extension cords means less hassle, and the job gets done much faster. Would definitely buy it again.

Review by R Bishop

This trimmer does an excellent job of cutting small to average size (1/4″) limbs. The battery will last longer than your shoulders, so it’s not a problem. Back to the shoulders – – after 3-4 minutes of overhead trimming, my shoulders were numb; changing hands to operate from the other side helped a little.

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