It was while looking through my copy of Dirr’s encyclopedia of trees and shrubs that whetted my appetite for replacing some of my older shrubs in a corner of the front yard.Dirr's Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs

Truth is, these specimens have been there way before we moved into the property and they are getting too big for the position they occupy.

The encyclopedia has pointed out what types of specimens will do best in this position which is fairly close to the main building and sits in a corner.

This will be a dry area of the garden and my choices will survive fine in this type of environment.

Those who possess their own copy of  Dirr’s encyclopedia will appreciate the helpful  information it contains. It simplifies the job of choosing your stock and a ton of other related content.

Read more about Dirr’s encyclopedia of trees and shrubs here.

Topics Found In Dirr’s Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs

For anyone who as yet hasn’t had an opportunity to see what this Dirr’s book has to offer, let me go over just a few of the points that it covers.

Apart from the superb high quality photographs provided throughout you will learn important information such as:

Tallest Hedge in the World

World’s Tallest Hedge Perthshire Scotland

*  Lots of ideas for creating the best type of hedge for different situations. Prepare to be surprised as you learn about options you had never considered, when planning to plant hedging.

* What to plant and where to plant them, to give you that much needed interest in the dull winter months.

* How to choose what will tolerate the shady areas where your previous attempts have failed.

* The encyclopedia also covers what to grow if you live close to the sea or in an area where the water has a high a salinity level.

* What to plant in dry soils and what to plant in the wet soils. In the right conditions and an informed choice of suitable plants for each condition, these plants will flourish and need less care.

* How to create you own fall colors of  reds, yellows and the russet shades.

* Get a better understanding of the evergreens and the best positions and purpose of using them.

Get more information here Dirr’s encyclopedia of trees and shrubs

Dirr’s Encyclopedia Reviews

On the Amazon site, Dirr’s encyclopedia of trees and shrubs has received 4.9 from the maximum 5 stars rating, coming from the 26 users who have left their reviews. Not really surprised with the very high ratings that it has received and agree wholeheartedly with their decision.

Some of these reviewers refer to Dirr’s book as the bible in the world of  tress and shrubs and a giant in any plant reference.

Beach Tree Sculpture

Beach Tree Sculpture again in Perthshire Scoland

Although our site here covers a lot of hedge trimmer reviews, these are simply the tools we need that will keep our trees etc. looking their best.

The starting point in making our gardens and any area of the yard looking good, colorful and in some form of order, is in the choice of plants and trees we decide on plant.

For some folk this could be in the form of a complete makeover. For others it is an ongoing  job of replacing plants that need replaced for various reasons. It could be that they have grown too big for the area or have died back for whatever reason.  Other reasons may be simply wanting a new look or the challenge of creating something more exotic and different in their local area.

For myself, trimming and caring for the plants is done in the growing months and that includes any late autumn planting that needs to be attended to. Reading and planning what changes I will be making to the look of the yard in the following year, is done in the winter months.

It’s not every year I make changes, but when I do, you can bet that the inspiration and the vision came from my copy of Dirr’s encyclopedia of trees and shrubs.

Learn more about this book by author Michael A Dirr at the link below:

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