To a lot of folk it may seem pretty obvious and seem almost impossible to be confused with an electric beard trimmer and an electric shaver.In reality, there have been a lot of disappointed husbands, boyfriends and brothers etc, who when opening up their presents found the wrong tool for the job.

an electric beard trimmerThat casual conversation about your plans to start growing a beard and your need to obtain a beard trimmer to care for it, may well not have been fully understood.

Image on the left is a beard trimmer by Philips model Norelco QT4014/42.

Apart from enjoying a surprise present themselves on occasion, the ladies in our lives also enjoy springing surprise purchases on the men in their lives from time to time, bless them! So on behalf of all the other guys out there, I have wrote this post mainly for the wives, moms, girlfriends, sisters and yes, also the daughters who are planning on presenting a surprise beard trimmer as a present.

The Beard Trimmer Leaves Hair On – The Shaver Removes All

Unlike the electric shaver which is designed to give as clean a shave as possible, the beard trimmer is meant to leave a varying amount of beard on, depending on the style of beard required. There are many styles of beards and mustaches that can be sported, or even a natural stubble look can be maintained with the use of beard trimmers.electric shaver

Electric Shavers

Shavers have blades that are covered with screens or foils which when rubbed against the face, allow the hair to enter the tiny gaps where a cutting blade then snips the hair. Versions include the rotary and the straight foil. The example opposite is the Philips Norelco AT810 rotary electric shaver.

When all the hair has been cut too short to enter the holes on the foils then shaving has been completed.

Electric Beard Trimmers

The electric beard trimmer on the other hand will have a lot of settings, sometimes almost as many as 20 settings that can leave facial hair as long as anything from 1mm up to 10 mm. Some trimmers even have an in-built vacuum to collect the hair making the task less messy. Visit the link above to read reviews about these trimmers.

beard trimmerMost shavers and trimmers are battery operated these days due to the improvements in battery technology.

Battery power has also made it possible for some models to be used for either wet or dry trimming/shaving and even allows them to be rinsed in water to clean them out.

Dual Purpose Electric Beard Trimmer and Shaver

If you’re planning in buying a beard trimmer as a present and during your research you come across the electric shavers that double up to become a trimmer take care. The general view held by a lot trimmer users is that it’s best to have a dedicated trimmer and/or a shaver.  No doubt as technology improves, then so too will these dual purpose models improve.

As both items are not all that expensive in any case, it’s probably a choice best left to the user if they wanted to go that route. It would be best for you to instead concentrate on buying a good quality electric beard trimmer that – a) does a good job and b) lasts for more than only a few weeks.

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