You might have read in one of my earlier posts that I would do a comparison on the two different models of Gardena grass shears that are reviewed on the site.

Well today’s the day when I have sat down and managed to get these electric grass shears ratings reviews completed. The comparison chart is at the bottom of the page.electric grass shears ratings reviews

The models we’re going to cover are the Gardena 8893-U and the 8885-U. Both numbers are quite similar so it’s probably it would be best to make a comparison table that will give quick comparable values.

On the surface of it, if you were to be browsing through this site or any other, both models would not seem that much different, certainly on looks.

There are differences. The prices are one difference, which is an important factor for all of us. There are some other differences that I have pinpointed, which we will compare and evaluate these against the prices for both models.

Find details of the Gardena 8893-U 3-Inch Cordless Grass Shears here.

And the Gardena 8885-U Cordless Grass Shears at this link.

Electric Grass Shears Ratings Reviews Compared


The Gardena 8893-U also referred to as the Comfort Cut and the Gardena 8885-U known as the Classic Cut, have certain good similarities which you can read about in full at the individual reviews.

(See links above). For the sake of this comparison we’ll go over some of the more important points of each model for clarity.

Electric Grass Shears Differences

Gardena 8893-U Comfort Cut

1)  Gives an approximate usage time of 90 minutes per charge

2)  Comes complete with 2 batteries, Lithium Ion type.

3)  Wheels fitted – Easy to fit and remove.

4)  Comfort Cut feature using the adjustable elbow joints to the desired working angle that suits you.

Gardena 8885-U Classic Cut

1)  Gives an approximate usage time of 45 minutes per charge

2)  Comes complete with just the 1 battery, Lithium Ion type.

See the Gardena comparison chart below, or to see a comparison chart for all 8  Gardena cordless grass shears use this link.

Comparison Chart for Gardena 8893-U and the Gardena 8885-U

Gardena Cordless Grass Shears

Gardena 8885-U

Gardena 8893-U








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Technical Details

Below you can read the technical details for both the models we have compared, if they are of interest to you. These are from the manufacturers instruction manual.

Component8885 Classic Cut8893 Comfort Cut
Battery capacity
1 Li-Ion battery
1.5 Ah with 3.6 V
2 Li-Ion batteries
1.5 Ah with 7.2 V
Battery charging timeApprox. 3.5 hrs. 90 % /
up to 5 hrs. 100 %
Approx. 6 hrs. 90 % /
up to 7.5 hrs. 100 %
Shear bladeGrass + Box-wood Set of Blades 8 cm.
Shrub Set of Blades 12,5 cm
Grass + Box-wood Set of Blades 8 cm
Shrub Set of Blades 18 cm
Operating time
(with fully charged accu)
up to 45 min.up to 90 min.
Weight with cutting bladeapprox. 640gapprox. 825g

Battery charger – Exactly the same for both

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