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Electric Pruning Shears Review

Electric Pruning Shears

If you’re of the opinion that electric pruning shears are just a novelty and will disappear just as fast as they have arrived, I suggest that you think again. Initially you would imagine that those with arthritic hands would be…

Electric Grass Shears Ratings Reviews

electric grass shears ratings reviews

On this page we have provided electric grass shears ratings reviews of the Gardena 8893-U and the Gardena 8885-U. Although these two small hand trimmers are very similiar, there are indeed variations that you need to be aware of in order to choose the model that will suit you best.

The review has compared these two models side by side to give you an instant compararison of the features that they provide.

Black & Decker GSL35 Electric Grass Shears Review

black and decker gsl35

The Black & Decker GSL35 makes a handy little hand held tool that is light enough to carry around in your gardening tool basket for those tidying and trimming tasks as you see them. Be it a quick shrub trim or grass edges that needs to be clipped, the dual blade selection could be your answer.

Gardena 8885-U Electric Grass Shears Review

Gardena 8885-u Electric Grass Shears

The Gardena 8885-U makes a handy little trimmer to have to hand when tidying up the yard. The 3 inch cutting blade of these electric grass shears are suitable for many shaping and trimming jobs where a large trimmer could cause some unrepairable and regretable damage.

Sun Joe HJ602C Electric Grass Shears & Trimmer Review

sun joe hedger

A pair of handy little trimmers to have to hand are the Sun Joe hedger and for trimming the edges of your grass where you don’t want to use the mower or line trimmer, is the electric grass shears.

Have a look at what this 2 for 1set offers the keen gardener to make life that bit easier.