Which Electric Hedge Trimmer Should I Buy?

When it comes to choosing an electric hedge trimmer one of the main questions you will need to consider is, do you want a corded version or perhaps go for one of the cordless models. From there you can move on and make other decisions such as the blade length, power and any other features that suit your preference.greenworks electric hedge trimmer

We all want our hedges to look smart and trimmed in order to look their best. This can be achieved when we have made our choice of the most suitable one that suits our needs.

There are so many varieties of models on the market to select from. Some of the best rated ones are, Black & Decker, Gardena, Greenworks, Toro, Earthwise, WORX, Remington and Craftsman among others. See a selection of electric hedge trimmer reviews here.

Many of these manufacturers provide us with a selection of models, both corded as well as cordless. These will have various levels of cutting ability, a choice of different weights and blade lengths. Before you make your purchase, you should take these factors into consideration in order to find the electric hedge trimmer that’s most suitable for you.

Corded or Cordless Hedge Trimmer?

It’s best to get your preference of corded or cordless out of the way first, so let’s have a look at the pros and the cons involved.

Cordless Electric Trimmer Pros:

  • The cordless hedge trimmer will allow you to work more or less anywhere without relying on an electric outlet being in close proximity.
  • It alleviates the problem of cutting through the extention cord.

Cordless Cons:

  • Battery needs to be recharged and can be annoying if it runs down before finishing the job.
  • Not as powerful as mains electric, especially when battery starts to lose its charge.

Corded Hedge Trimmer Pros:

The pros and cons of the corded trimmers are more or less the opposite of those for the cordless versions, but let’s jot them down just for clarity.

  • Has the benefit of having an abundance of power coming from an electric socket via an extension cord.
  • Will continue working for as long as you want, providing the electric extension cord is long enough.

Corded Cons:

  • Cutting through the power cable happens in many instances and extra care has to be taken to avoid the situation.
  • Restricted by the amount of electric cord and not the best choice for the longer gardens.

Taking these pros and cons alone into consideration and the knowledge you have of your own personal cutting requirements, should help you decide whether to plump for a corded or the cordless version. In general, for gardens with lots of hedging and shrubs that need to be looked after, the corded electric hedge trimmer would get the job done that much quicker. For smaller areas and areas of the yard that corded models could’t reach, the cordless model would do the job very well.

As with anything else, personal choice will always play a part regardless of the amount of shrubs, or size of bushes that will need to be maintained. For example, those who have plenty of time on their hands and don’t mind having a break while the battery is being recharged, might well want a cordless trimmer regardless of the amount of hedging they have. There are many reasons, like experiencing cutting through the cord or just as simple as looking for a change.

Which Trimmer Blade Length?

Your next consideration would be the blade length. The larger blade will obviously get the job done  much quicker, providing you can handle the little extra weight that this will add. Long bladed models are most suitable for the long and broad jobs. It allows you to reach the parts of the hedge which could be quite challenging if you were using a short bladed version.

Everyone is different in regards to body build and indeed age. The young, strong body might be able to wield an electric hedge trimmer of any length, for long periods of time and show very little signs of fatigue. An elderly person or anyone with less strength would struggle to work continuously with a heavy one.

Weight problems are something that we associate more with gas hedge trimmers as they do weigh appreciably more. The electric long reach hedge trimmer will be the heaviest among the electric varieties which is not surprising. Over the years manufactures have worked hard to get the weight of their machines down as low as possible.

The blade length of models will range between around 16 inches to 24 inches, not counting the small single handed dual purpose models which are around 7 inches long.

A Rough Guide to Weight Differences Are:

  • Just over the 4 pound mark for 16 inch bladed models can be found.
  • Around 6 to 8 pounds for the longer 18 inch up to 24 inch bladed models.
  • Approximately 10 pounds, for the electric pole trimmers

Motor Power and Battery Life of the Electric Hedge Trimmer

Another factor to take into consideration is the amount of power you will need from your hedger. Will it be powerful enough to tackle heavy cutting tasks without burning the motor out or flattening the battery to quickly.

Again your particular requirements of electric hedge trimmer choice will be determined by the amount and type of plants you have, this should be your judge. Cutters meant for thick and larger hedges need to be more powerful compared to those designed for light tasks. Conifers can be a lot tougher on a motor than the softer plants like the Privet , just as an example.

Amps Are The Power Terms used with Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers

If you don’t understand the terms banded about when describing the power measurements, just remember, “Amps” are terms used for corded trimmers and “V” or “Volts” are terms used for cordless trimmers.

Generally speaking and let me repeat, generally, the more Amps, the greater the power. Now that I’ve said that I’m sure there will be those dying to tell me how wrong that statement is. Yes, there are other factors that need to be taken into account when classing Amps as a measure of power that you get from your electrical power tool.

Other factors do come into play such as the motor efficiency, but as a quick rule of thumb, the bigger the Amp figure is, the more power you will get from the tool.

You will find nearly as many Amp measurements as there are models of cutters, below are just a few you will come across in your searches.


  •  2.7 Amp motor                                           extension cord
  • 2.8 Amp motor
  • 3.0-Amp motor
  • 3.3 Amp motor
  • 3.8-Amp motor
  • 4.0 Amp motor

Hopefully that covers the corded version of electric hedge trimmers.

V or Volts Are The Power Terms Used for Cordless Trimmers

Cordless, or as they are often referred to as, the battery hedge trimmer use the term “Volts” or the abbreviation of “V” in the measurement of electrical power. The higher the figure of volts the more powerful the battery will be.

Most, if not all, the battery powered versions you will come across today will use the Lithium Ion. Lithium Ion has become the best battery type for most of these tools.

If you already have other gardening power tools or any other tools that already use a Lithium Ion battery, it’s well worth checking to see if it would be compatible with your choice of electric hedge trimmer.

For many, it has become a popular practice to have all of their power tools using the one type and size of battery. Batteries can also be purchased separately as a replacement, or for being charged up as a standby.

Typical Voltage Figures You Will Come Across Are: 

  • 18-Volt
  • 20V Lithium Ion
  • 36V Lithium Ion

Below is a Video of a Cordless Trimmer in Action

Watch the video below which shows this type of trimmer being used and might give you a better idea of what these machines look like in action.

Featured here is a Black and Decker 36 Volt model which has a 24 inch cutting dual action blades and is the B&D LHT2436 model. To see a full review of this particular cordless hedge trimmer click on the link.

Making Your Final Choice

Once you have all your choices in place, be it an electric corded or cordless model and your preferred blade length figured out, it’s time to “go a hunting” as they say.

To begin with, you should conduct you own research on these products. This can be obtained from reliable experts and friends.

Besides these, you can conduct detailed research over the internet, by reading reports about electric hedgers similar to this one you’re reading right now on the Trimmer Guy website. In doing so, you will be updating yourself with the current market trends.

Another important aspect to bear in mind, is the price of the product. You should always buy the one which matches your pocket and at the same time will do a good job of cutting your hedge for you. At this point, you will discover that the price of a similar commodity varies from one store to another.

You need to look for other special offers such as warranties and discount etc. That’s why we have added the “Discount Finder” feature most of our pages. This gives our readers the opportunity to obtain the latest deals that are available today.

Last but not least, you should always give consideration to the quality of any electrical powered tool before you finalize your choice. This can depend on the materials used to make it and also depends on the manufacturers who produced it. It’s the quality aspect that makes any tool durable and long lasting.

With all these factors at your fingertips, you can be assured that you will be choosing the best electric hedge trimmer to meet your specific needs.


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