electric pole hedge trimmer comparisonFinally I have got round to completing the electric pole hedge trimmer comparison table, all thanks to a question from a reader. This review chart is suitable for anyone looking for a long reach hedge trimmer to get those larger hedges and shrubs trimmed up.

The question was enquiring where to find a replacement motor or find another trimmer which was the same make and model.

That was the “Remington RM3017HP Electric Extended Reach Hedge Trimmer” which has served the user well for 4 years but the motor has now failed.

Searching around for a replacement motor was pretty fruitless and it seems like the model has become discontinued by the manufacturer. It looks like the only alternative would be to choose another model and below are the result of my research.

The page starts with reviews of the best pole hedge trimmers powered by electric and at the bottom of the page you will find the comparison table.

Click this link to see my complete list of pole hedge trimmer reviews.

3 Best Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer Choices

Electric Pole Hedge TrimmerBelow is my selection of the 3 best electric pole hedge trimmers that I found available on the Amazon online shopping site.

All 3 models that made it to this list were chosen mainly because they have been reviewed by hundreds of users who have left good feedback for all 3 models.

This provides anyone looking for an electric pole hedge trimmer with a starting place in their search, saving time and effort. Very often it’s difficult to know where to start with a search and it all becomes too confusing.

Of the 3 pole trimmers found, one is a corded model and the other two are cordless. The first of these cordless models uses the NiCad battery and the second uses the newer Lit-Ion battery. So there is something to suit most folk in the selection.

Pole Hedge Trimmer Electric Mains Powered

Earthwise CVPH41018

Earthwise electric pole hedge trimmerThe one electric corded powered model in the list, is the Earthwise CVPH41018. This has 18 inch cutting blades at the working end and a 2.8 Amp motor to power the pole trimmer.

A bit confusing as in the short bullet points at the beginning of the product page it states that the head rotates through 150 degrees to create 5 positions. Yet at the product description area of the page it states that has 6 adjustable positions.

I think that the extra position must refer to this statement they make. “And easily converts to a hand held trimmer”. Well I think this might also apply to all the long reach trimmers in this review.

The 2 section extending pole is made of Fiberglass which is lightweight with soft grip handle.

The only other one available was a factory re-conditioned model, the Homelite ZR44180. (Not added to the comparison table). I thought that its best to compare like with like and adding re-conditioned versions might just skew the results. Perhaps we could do another page with solely re-conditioned models.

Cordless Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer Reviews

My choices of cordless long reach hedge trimmers are both made by Black and Decker, the LPHT120 and the NPT318 which use different battery types.

Black and Decker NPT318

cordless electric pole hedge trimmerThe Black & Decker NPT318 is an 18 volt cordless pole trimmer which again has 18 inch blades.

The blades also have the B & D dual action cutting feature to cut down the vibration.

The battery used by the NPT318 is a NiCad version which runs the trimmer at 2,400 revs per minute. The battery should last for up to 50 minutes, which basically means depending on the type of growth you are cutting. The thicker and tougher the growth, the less time will the battery last before needing a re-charge.

The head will pivot through 180 degrees to provide various angles to suit any angular shapes of hedge and shrub in the yard.

Cutting twigs of anything up to 7/16 of an inch is possible and the reach is 10 foot.

Black and Decker LPHT120

cordless electric pole hedge trimmer reviewQuite a few features of this hedge trimmer are shared with the previous one, such as the 180 pivot and the 18 inch dual action blades. The main difference is that they have added the newer battery technology.

Black & Decker LPHT120  is B & D’s 20 volt Lit-Ion cordless electric pole hedge trimmer which can last up to 5 times longer than the NiCad battery versions.

It’s possible to dismantle these long reach trimmers which helps with storage and even if you were to be travelling with it.

A really good feature of these batteries is that they can be used with a huge range of Black and Decker’s other products that use the same 20 volt Lithium Ion battery.

Use Links Above to View Individual Pole Trimmer Reviews

The text links above will take you to my reviews of these individual products. Click the links above if you want to read more about each model.

You can also click the individual links on the best long reach hedge trimmer reviews comparison table below for more views of the user’s experiences.

Summing Up – Which Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

The 3 electric pole hedge trimmers that I have chosen stand out among all others mainly due to the reviews left by those who have purchased them and have had good experiences.

To date they share almost 600 reviews from users that took the time and trouble to leave a report. The Earthwise CVPH41018 has 207, the Black & Decker NPT318 has 218 and the Black & Decker LPHT120 has 160 reviews.

The star ratings are all around the 4 star from 5 stars possible which is pretty high.

Which Trimmer?

Going solely on price, the Earthwise CVPH41018 is the cheapest option which would be fine if the hedges and shrubs that I had to trim were close to the electric power outlet. It would also be ideal if I had a lot of trimming to do due to unlimited power available.

The downside of course is the power cable and the chances of cutting through it.

Again on price, at the moment of writing, the Black & Decker NPT318 is slightly cheaper than the Black & Decker LPHT120. As they are very similar in many respects and both are cordless I must say that I would be inclined to plump for the Black & Decker LPHT120.

The reason being that it uses the Lit-Ion type of battery. This is the latest technology and probably the future, plus I can use it on several other suitable power tools.

It is a balance that those looking to buy an electric pole trimmer must weigh up. They will know their gardening needs better than anyone else.

We also have a good number of reviews on the site to help  you choose best electric hedge trimmer for more general work. For those with long hedges and lots of shrubs our gas powered hedge trimmer reviews should prove helpful.

Video Review of the Black and Decker LPHT120 Trimmer

Just to give you some idea of what to expect with the LPHT120 or indeed with most cordless extended reach hedge trimmers, I added in this demo video.

It gives better detail of the battery unit and how simple it id to connect up the pieces.

The hedge tackled on the video is around 8 to 10 foot high and 40 or 45 foot long at the front and goes round the house on one side.

Definitely beats clambering up and down stepladders as regards to time saving never mind the safety aspect.

Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer Comparison Table

View all three models with all the features and prices sitting side by side. This makes comparing so much easier than flipping through the various pages to compile all the relevant information.

Also see the links above where they have been researched for relevant discounts for the various models.

To see my reviews on all the pole trimmers, visit the link. Or indeed for a wider selection of  other hedge trimmer reviews to help you make the best choice, visit this link.


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