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teho tools 8301 prunerIf you’re of the opinion that electric pruning shears are just a novelty and will disappear just as fast as they have arrived, I suggest that you think again. Initially you would imagine that those with arthritic hands would be the only folk who would receive benefits from electric pruners. Again not so.

My first bit of research into these tools was actually for my wife who has lost a lot of strength in her hands these days coupled with some arthritic problems. In fact I too can have trouble from time to time which I simply put down to wear and tear. (No I never mentioned age).

But it seems that the commercial growers of orchards and vineyards for example have taken the wear and tear caused by using manual hand pruners very seriously. Apart from being able to produce more cuts due to less hand fatigue the staff will also be less likely to have carpal tunnel syndrome caused by manual pruners.

Of course this is pruning on a commercial scale, which many of us will never experience no matter how much we might think we have, on a hot sunny day. What I will say is that there will be many situations, where a good few of us will wish we had a little extra help from electric pruners.

My findings have shown a wide variation in prices. Ranging from $1500 for the true professional equipment, around $500 to $600 for the mid-range and $50 to $90 at the lower end.

Visitors to The Trimmer Guy site are mainly garden enthusiasts and those simply looking for ideas and equipment to help them look after their yard better. Therefore I think that the $50 to $90 range of electric pruning shears would be of most interest.

3 Low Cost Electric Pruning Shears

Below I have listed the 3 electric pruning shears that are in the lower price bracket to suit the home garden enthusiast.

VonHaus Electric Cordless 7.2v Pruner

RYOBI BSH-120 pruning shears

Teho Tools 8301 4V Cordless Electric Pruner

VonHaus Electric Cordless 7.2v Pruner

VonHaus Cordless PrunerThe VonHaus is an electric hand held pruner fitted with a 7.2 Volt Lit-ion battery. This model is fitted with the most powerful battery of the three featured on this post.

They are capable of pruning hardwood measuring 0.4inches in diameter and softwoods of a slightly thicker diameter of 0.6inches.

500 cuts on a single charge is the approximate figure you can expect before having to change the battery of the VonHaus pruner.

Battery can be fully charged back up again in 1.5 hours.

The weight is 1.7 lbs.

Pruner sizes are – 13.1 x 3.7 x 3.3 inches

Read more about the pruner here.

RYOBI BSH-120 Pruning Shears

RYOBI BSH-120 pruning shearsThe RYOBI BSH-120 pruning shears has a slightly less powerful battery which is 6 volt Lithium-Ion.

The stated maximum size of cut is 0.5 inches in diameter, which they say will depend on the condition of the blade and the type of tree being pruned.

There is no mention of how many cuts you could expect to make with the RYOBI BSH-120 before having to recharge the battery.

The charge time of the battery is around 60 minutes which will depend on the condition of the battery and temperature.

The weight figures of the BSH-120 have left me a little confused. They have listed the pruner as being 100g which is only around 3.5 ounces as the first figure they give us. Further down the page in the Product Information section they state that it weighs 7 ounces.

It also states that the shipping weight is 2.4 pounds which means that the packaging weighs around 4 times the weight of the pruner!!!

It doesn’t get any better when reading the – Product Description. As it states that it “Can be used for parties, Halloween, costume party”. The mind boggles!!!

Sizes – 11.8 x 2 x 3.9 inches

Find out more.

Teho Tools 8301 Cordless Electric Pruner

Teho Tools 8301 Cordless Electric PrunerThe Teho Tools 8301 is fitted with a 4 volt lithium-ion battery which is the lowest powered version of the three.

You can expect to be able to take cuts of up to 0.5 inches when trimming green wood.

They claim you will get 500 cuts from a fully charged battery.

Re-charging the battery again takes 60 minutes for the Teho Tools 8301.

Weighs 1.2 pounds

Dimensions – 11.8 x 2 x 3.7 inches

Read more here.


There is not an awful lot of difference between the three models and as to date there are not very many user reviews to help us choose one over another. The review figures are;

VonHaus – 4.6 from 5 stars being left by 8 users.

RYOBI BSH-120 – 4.0 from 5 stars being left by 21 users.

Teho Tools 8301 – 5.0 from 5 stars being left by 1 user.

What I would say is that I would be inclined to take into account the reviews from another package that Teho have, which is the “TEHO 4-volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Garden Maintenance Kit”.

The reviews are rated at 4.3 from 5 stars from 210 users which are a lot more useful figures. I have seen Teho starting to pick up some good review figures which is always a good sign.

On the Garden Maintenance Kit page there is a lot more product information both on the product description section and customer review section. Going through that page you will be able to get a better idea of the views users have about the Teho pruner in the package. It also displays grass and hedge trimming tools. You can learn more about  electric grass shears at this link.

Point to Bear in Mind

Often pruning can be done when plants are wet and even dripping wet when we are using conventional shears. But bearing in mind that there are electrical circuits in these electric pruning shears it might be best to keep the pruning jobs for the drier days.

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  1. just wondering where you could purchase the Teho Cordless Trimmers from. I purchased a pair at Menard’s and they do not carry them any longer.


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