It has been a long time since I first wrote this review about the Gardena 8885-u Electric Grass Shears. And it was only when going through it I realized just how outdated it had become. For example, can you believe that in my section that breaks down the details of each hedge trimmer in my reviews, under the ***Any Reviews? heading I had stated No. Here is what I had actually wrote “No reviews so far, product fairly new on the market”.

Well it just goes to show how a product can become e real favorite with those who have purchased it and have found the need to rave about it. Because now today as I update this review there are no less than 225 reviews left for the Gardena 8885-u and those users have rated it at a very high 4.6 from the 5 stars maximum.

Personally I’m not at all surprised that these little electric grass shears have become so popular. I have found them, as with just about all of the Gardena products to be fit for purpose as well as being strong enough to carry out the tasks they were intended for.

Gardena 8885-u Electric Grass Shears


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Gardena 8885-U Electric Grass Shears Details

Power Type – Gas or Electric?


Cordless Or Corded?

Cordless – Uses rechargeable lithium ion battery which is included plus battery charger. Battery charging condition shows in led display area.

Cutting Capability?

The uses for the Gardena 8885-U are many really. Although these are described as electric grass shears, many people have found lot’s of other uses for them. Some use them for trimming and forming the shape of box hedging, shears are ideal for clipping many small shrubs to a desired shape as well as the many uses as grass shears.

Add to this the 5 inch long trimmer blade which you can purchase separately (Model 2342) to perform many other little tasks around the yard.

Battery life while working is around 45 minutes. Time required to wait to have a battery recharged is 6 hours or so, which will take it back up to the fully charged condition.

Blade Width?

Blade is 3.15 inches wide which comes with blade protector case. Blades can be replaced in an easy fashion without the need for any other tools.

Suitable for Cutting Vertically?

No problem with these small hand held tools.

Dual Action Blades?

NO – This feature not really required.

Any Reviews?

Yes – This an update as I had originally stated that there were none, which was when the product was first offered for sale. There are now a great many reviews and they are of quality as is the tool. For a similar product from Gardena also see the Gardena 889-u review.

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