Comparison Chart for 8 Gardena Cordless Grass Shears

On this page you,ll find the Gardena cordless grass shears comparison chart for 8 versions if these dual purpose, grass shears come shrub trimmers.Gardena Cordless Grass Shears

It is a bit squashed due to attempting to get all the information all on one page, but I think you,ll agree it is easier than flicking from tab to tab when trying to compare items.

I can see that the images for the Gardena 8885-U and the Gardena 8895-U have not shown up in this chart, not sure why.

I have added an image of the 8885-u over on the right. The Gardena 8895-U is more or less the same as model number 8893-U. The only diffedrence is that the first has a 7 inch hedge/shrub trimmer fitted and the second has the 3 inch grass shears fitted.

This is just for anyone with a personal preference, although as lot of users like to have both the grass shears that are interchangable with the shrub trimmer.

I haven’t added prices in due to them changing from time to time. If this was an important feature to you, just post a comment and we might alter this Gardena cordless gras shears comparison charts.

Hope it helps and feel free to share or save.

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