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Tanaka Hedge Trimmer: HTS-2530PF Review

Tanaka hts 2530pf hedge trimmer

The Tanaka hedge trimmer is another serious contender for those in the commercial hedge trimmers market and if your in a carb-compliant state, then the Tanaka HTS-2530PF may be your answer. Gas powered with a 24 cc, 1.3 h.p PureFire low emission engine and a 30 inch single sided blade puts a professional trimmer in your hands.

Echo Gas Hedge Trimmer: Commercial Echo HC 155 Review

Echo HC 155 Hedge Trimmer

Commercial hedge trimmers as the name applies is designed for profession use although it would make an excellent purchase for anyone with a lot of hedge cutting to do and the echo gas hedge trimmer is no exception. A pro hedge trimmer is built to last longer and do that much more work than the normal domestic hedger.