GreenWorks 22122 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

The GreenWorks 22122 electric hedge trimmer is another from the Greenworks stable that has been making a name for itself, this time it’s the corded model with the swivel rear handle function. Not often you will find this handy feature on the lower priced trimmers. The feature is especially useful if you have lot’s of vertical cutting to do, as is the weight which is only 5.7 pounds.

greenworks 22122 review

The image on the site and indeed the description dosen’t provide a lot of detail, so let me try and give you a close up view in my description.

Starting from the rear handle, we can see the rotating locking button sitting on the top of the handle, the trigger switch sits underneath this. Bellow that you will see a little hook, this is the cord retaining device that will keep the cord connected while in use.

In order to rotate the rear handle to suit working up the face of a hedge, it’s a simple mater of holding down the lock button, swivel the handle 90 degrees, release the button and your ready to go.

The cord retainer works by threading a loop of cord up through the bottom of the handle and hooking it over the cord retainer lug.

To switch on, put one hand on the trigger rear handle and with you other hand on the front D shaped handle, move the lock switch towards the rear. Now squeeze on the trimmer switch to run the motor. To stop the motor simply release the trigger switch.

You could be forgiven for getting your choice of model mixed up when ordering one of these Greenworks trimmers. Apart from this model of electric hedge trimmer we are reviewing here they also have the the Greenworks 22112 which I struggle to see any difference in apart from it not having the rotating rear handle. The GreenWorks 22102 which a smaller corded model, the Greenworks 22612 for those who already have a 20 Volt battery and the Greenworks 22632-RC which is suitable for those who already have a 40 volt battery.

When you receive delivery of the GreenWorks 22122 there is no assembly that you will need to perform. Simply check everything is there in the box, look over the item carefully checking for any damage that could have happened in the shipment. It’s just good practice as with any shipped goods to give it a good going over, just in case.

Before discarding the packaging, always make sure your items are operating OK, in case you need to return the item. Plus the fact you will have a 4 years warranty with this trimmer.

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Power Type – Gas or Electric?


Cordless Or Corded?


Cutting Capability?

Driven by a 4 Amp motor

Blade Length?

22 Inches

Suitable for Cutting Vertically?

Yes – The handle rotates and also has a D handle at the front. Both of these features makes using this trimmer in a vertical position that much easier.

Dual Action Blades?


Any Reviews?

Yes – Reviews from purchasers of the GreenWorks 22122 electric hedge trimmer are very favorable. From the 21 reviews they have given it 4.9 from the 5 stars maximum.

Looks to be a very good value with many good features.


The number of reviews that this trimmer has now received has increased by around 50% with a total of 33 user reviews. Still holding on to it’s high rating at 4.7 from 5 stars.


  • Rotating rear handle
  • Easy and light to use
  • Good power from the 4amp motor


  • No option to lock the trigger into the “on” position

The following are typical comments left for the GreenWorks 22122 electric hedge trimmer.

5 Star Positive:

I couldn’t be happier with my new Greenworks 22-inch 4 Amp Rotating Handle Electric Hedge Trimmer. It arrived one day earlier than expected and in perfect condition. The powerful unit cut the branches of my overgrown hedge effortlessly AND was light enough to hold up at eye level without wearing me out. It’s worth paying more for the rotating handle which makes it easy and safe to trim in any direction–horizontally, vertically, right, or left. This is a great machine!

5 Star Positive:

This is probably the best tool I’ve ever used…My scrubs looks more professionally cut than ever…I’m very proud of this investment and can’t wait to use it again…it cuts through the toughest limbs with precision….Every yard should use one…I highly recommend…Blessings!

2 Star Negative:

I am a huge Greenworks fan. I have the electric mower and have loved it from day one. I expected the same from my trimmer. My first use… LOVED it! Yes, it cut through even larger branches on some somewhat overgrown “bushes”… I zipped around with the cool swivel for sides of hedges and thought it was wonderful. But then… I unplugged it and moved to the other side of the yard, plugged it in and dang safety button would move. I couldn’t press it to make it work AT ALL.. had my neighbor (a guy) try it and he was like “POS”… had another friend (a guy.. just in case us homeowner women really can’t figure it out… NOT) and he said same thing… “it’s broke, won’t move”. So, I returned it through Amazon… awesome service the new one was at my house only a day after the defective one was picked up. Great first experience for returning an item. Yay Amazon!

A negative story with a happy ending.

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