The idea of writing these hedge trimmer reviews came about with a phone call from my sister who wanted my advice on which hedge trimmer would be the best one for her.

Writing Hedge Trimmer Reviews

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It’s wasn’t the first time that she had phoned for some similar type of advice about what type of gardening tool was the best.

It didn’t stop there, as her grown up children now contact me as well, using more modern methods via their computers etc asking much the same type of questions. Is it the price of fame? Not really, just the fact that I was a professional gardener to trade.

For my sisters question regarding a hedge trimmer, I wrote about what one would be her best option as I knew her garden well. I then gave her some more options regarding corded and cordless versions for her to look over and one electric hedge trimmer in particular which I thought she could handle with ease. With so much detailed information to hand I thought, why not put it online on a WordPress blog for anyone else who needed the information. The Trimmer Guy blog is the result of those first hedge trimmer reviews.

Hedge Trimmer Reviews For Everyone

For both landscapers and those who simply love to keep their yards in a tidy state, the hedge trimmer is an extremely important piece of equipment. Apart from it keeping your hedge trim, it can keep any shrubs and trees looking nice and neat, giving the yard that extra manicured look that really sets it apart. But with so many hedge trimmers to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the right one.

One of the most important factors I look at when reviewing a hedge trimmer is price versus quality. The very fact that these machines can range in price from around $30 up to $200 for an electric hedge trimmer reviews and up to $500 for a really good gas hedge trimmer, in itself tells us, these variations need more explaining. With so many other routes for our hard earned money to be used, it’s all the more important to find value when picking the right hedge trimmer.

For the professional landscaper, it may be wise to invest a little bit more since they will be getting so much use from their hedge trimmer, plus it will pay for itself many times over. But for the homeowner who only needs to use the trimmer sparingly, there may be a good budget model that fits their needs perfectly. No matter what a person’s budget or landscaping needs, they want the best price for the quality and my hedge trimmer reviews seek to find the best combination of these two important factors.

Review Video About The Site

Obviously it’s not realistic to test every single model available and in actual fact there is no need, with the amount of information available these days. When reviewing these hedge trimmers, I try to extensively research it before writing the review. I try to find information from a variety of sources in order to compile one easy-to-use resource.

Apart from my own personal experiences this can include user reviews, the official product manufacturer’s sites, various online stores and even local stores that I visit anyway. By using a variety of sources, I’m able to get different perspectives and different information in order to provide a complete and thorough review. This way, a user can find all the information and hedge trimmer reviews that they need, all in one place. This will save the reader from having to do the research themselves.

I do these reviews because I know how difficult it can be to select which one will be best suited for each individuals needs. With so many different options, it can be overwhelming for some folk unfamiliar with these products. Having used many of them personally, I feel that I have the knowledge and expertise to give the user a full understanding of what to expect from a hedge trimmer. Topics include, gas trimmers, corded or cordless models, when would a pole trimmer be the best choice and choosing the smaller one hand operated electric shears etc.

I seek to keep this site current and strive to offer the best, most up to date information about hedge trimmers on the internet. So click around and hopefully you will learn something from these hedge trimmer reviews and find all the information you need before making an informed choice!

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