The Poulan Pro PP2822 is a gas powered hedge trimmer which has a 28cc 2 Cycle engine providing the power.

This hedge trimmer is most suited to anyone with larger areas of hedging that needs to be tended to. Having the freedom of not needing to rely on having an electrical power socket close by, means you can cover large areas of hedging that otherwise would call for a really long extension lead.

Of course you could also use a cordless electric powered version which also gives you this freedom. The difference is that if a was a large amount of work was needed to be done, battery changes or recharging would need to carried out frequently.

Using a gas powered hedger is not that much different from using the electric models with the exception of them being that bit heavier. This is the main trade off when you have all this power made available to you.

Used mainly in commercial situations by the professional gardeners carrying out hedge cutting, the weight is something that you soon become accustomed to. When using these gas models, speaking personally, it is more of a swing motion that is used. Which means the weight is not really such a big problem once the correct swing is attained.

This model of hedge trimmer has the benefit of having a rear swivel handle that makes cutting the face of the hedges a bit more comfortable. This is a 22 inch double bladed version which is different from the Tanaka hedge trimmer  or the Kawasaki KHS750A trimmer which are single bladed models.

Poulan Pro PP2822 hedge trimmer

Starting a Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

Starting the motor is by far the main difference with gas powered equipment. Rather than flicking an electricity switch on, there is manual starting involved and in the case of the Poulan Pro PP2822 this means pulling on a rope handle.

Different yes, difficult no, providing you have gone through the settings such as, having the ON switch at the ON position and set the choke lever, pull the rope handle a few times till it starts.

Where these gas powered machines pick up a bad reputation is, when the proper start procedure is not followed correctly or when the equipment is badly in need of a service. Read more about it here.

Quick Poulan Pro PP2822 Review and Relevant Points

This section is a quick snapshot of relevant point and features of this hedge trimmer. A more indepth review can be found below.

Power Type – Gas or Electric:

Powered by gas

Cordless or Corded:


Cutting Capability:

Powered by a 28cc gas engine which allows it to be used anywhere.

Blade Length:

22 inch long double sided blade.

Suitable for Cutting Vertically:

YES – Fitted with a D shaped front handle and rear handle which will swivel to provide a more comfortable grip for working with when using vertical strokes.

Dual Action Blades:

No mention of these blades being dual action by the manufacturer’s, but has what is termed double sided to cut in both directions.

Getting To Know Your Poulan Pro PP2822 Hedge Trimmer

Probably most of this section will apply to anyone new to using a gas powered version of a power tool rather than the electric versions. That being said, not all machines are the same and it would be at least worth a quick read through the manufacturers instructions for the Poulan Pro PP2822 for complete clarity.

With your purchase will come a detailed set of instructions which point out the usual safety features of using a gas powered hedge trimmer such as, handling fuel warnings, maintaining the tool and the all important best working practices when using the equipment.

Depending on how clever you are and how much you enjoy assembling items you purchase, you’ll be glad to know that the Poulan Pro PP2822 comes completely assembled and ready to use. Ready to use once you have fueled it up properly of course with the correct mixture of gas and oil which is, 1 gallon of gas mixed with 3.2 ounces of synthetic oil. Running a 2-cycle engine on pure gas would cause severe damage as well as make your warranty void.

Video Explains – Starting Up, Safety and Using a Gas Hedge Trimmer

Below I have added a video which explains how simple it is to start up a gas hedge trimmer. Not a Poulan Pro PP2822 granted, the model used is an Echo, but the procedure is very much the same with most makes.

Powering Up the Poulan PP2822

Powering up the Poulan Pro hedge trimmer procedures are covered in good detail, such as explaining choke positions and using the bulb primer. Starting and stopping the engine, starting from cold, starting an engine that is flooded and starting a warm engine are all covered in good detail. These procedures should be digested well, as they will save you a lot of needless energy pulling on the starter rope and struggling to get the engine going.


Service details include inspection and cleaning, how and when to clean the air filter, checking for loose, worn and damaged parts. Learn how to adjust the cutting blades for the optimum performance by checking the adjusting the clearance between the blades. Too big a gap in the cutting blades will simply chew at the hedge rather than giving a sharp cut, blades to tight together can cause overheating and damage to the motor. Replacing fuel filter and spark plug instructions are also covered in your general maintenance schedule along with seasonal storage information.

Table of Troubleshooting Actions

Without a doubt and more so for those new to gas power tools is the troubleshooting table section. It will walk you through pinpointing the trouble, the cause and the fixing remedy.

Again this chart will save you a lot of hard work when you have starting problems or simply having the engine running smoothly again.

Points of the Limited Warranty

Don’t know about you but when it comes to warranty I always like to delve deeper into what I actually get with it. Statements like, “2 Years Warranty” doesn’t tell me very much really as I know there are always other beneficial information worth digging down into before making my purchase.

Below are some things worth knowing about when it comes to the capacity you intend to use the hedge cutter.

The Poulan Pro hedge cutter comes with a 2 years warranty for labor and parts provided the trimmer has been used in household situations.

For commercial purposes where you earn an income from the trimmer you get 90 days warranty for parts and labor.

If renting the machine out, you get 30 days warranty for labor and parts.

So there you have it, providing you know your intended use, you will see whether the warranty provides value to you.

Any Reviews:

The reviews are very good for the Poulan Pro PP2822 with an average rating of 4.3 from 5 stars from some 28 buyers of this version.

Folk have remarked about how quick it can get the job done and other favorable comments.

As with any gas powered hedge trimmer they are heavier than the electric versions and this one weighs 15.8 pounds. Just something to bear in mind as it might start to feel a bit heavy for some people after a long spell of using it.

Visit the site below for more information about the Poulan Pro PP2822. Click Here.