Remington RM4522TH Electric Hedge Trimmer

The Remington RM4522TH is powered by a 4.5 amp motor which drives the cutting blades at 3,600 strokes P/M. This is a double bladed model that have been coated with Titanium which keeps the edge sharper for longer.

If it’s a lightweight type of trimmer that you’re looking for, then the RM4522TH would certainly fit that bill as it weighs only 7 pounds. The handle has cushion grip that provides some comfort for the user, especially beneficial when working for long periods.

A nice feature is the little retainer which allows for the extension cord can be looped over to prevent it from becoming disconnected.

When writing this Remington hedge trimmer Review, I noticed in the product description page the mention about “Handle Adjustable”. At first I thought that they were referring to the swivel rear handles found on some trimmers that can assist when cutting vertically.

To satisfy my curiosity did some searching around and managed to find there online manual to see what Remington meant by the term Handle Adjustable.

In the manual there was no reference to the term, so don’t purchase the Remington RM4522TH hedge trimmer if you’re looking for one that has a rear adjusting handle with the swivel action.

The safety lock of switch fitted on this trimmer has been mentioned a few times by users in the reviews. Folk find that is difficult to keep everything locked when working at different angles. This is the price of adding these safety features.

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Remington RM4522TH

 Power Type – Gas or Electric?


Cordless Or Corded?


Cutting Capability?

Power comes from the 4.5 amp motor and claims to cut through growth of 3/4 of an inch thick.

Blade Length?

22 inch blades which are coated with Titanium

Suitable for Cutting Vertically?

Dosen’t have a rear swivel handle which would make vertical cutting more comfortable.

Dual Action Blades?


Any Reviews?

YES – In general customers are very happy with the Remington RM4522TH electric hedge trimmer. From the 6 reviews it has received it gets rated at 4.7 from 5 stars.

The main complaint are regarding the trigger switch system mentioned at the beginning of this Remington hedge trimmer review.

Sample of the reviews:

I used the trimmer the first time this weekend. It does a good job trimming with plenty of power. It is light weight and easy to handle. The only thing that was a small problem was keeping it engaged when depressing the two triggers. The trigger on the top handle seemed to be a little sensitive. As you moved around the contour of the shrub you had to reposition you fingers on the trigger bar to keep it engaged.

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