In the video below you’ll learn about features that the Black & Decker LHT2436 hedge trimmer provides you with when starting out to tackle your hedges. Further down the page you’ll find a review type article going into a bit more detail.

This review is for the Black & Decker LHT2436 hedge trimmer which is a, go anywhere powerful cordless electric model.
Have a less tiring experience without having to continuously concentrate on making sure you don’t cut through the power cord.  With this type of go anywhere tool, you will never feel  restricted again by the absence of a power point.

Gas or Electric?


Cordless Or Corded?

Cordless – Cordless electric model powered by a Lithium Ion 36 volts battery. This Lithium Ion battery will hold the charge much longer than the Nicad type batteries, in fact 5 times longer before needing to recharge it.

Cutting Capability?

The same as the Black & Decker LHT2220 which is the 20 volt model, the lht2436 will tackle growth 3/4 thick but comes with a much more powerful battery. Meaning you will finish the job quicker and will have a longer working period of battery power before requiring charging.

Improved cutting of thicker type branches is achieved by using the Black and Decker exclusive Power DriveTM transmission meaning less jamming of the blades.

With the 34 volts of power provided by this Black & Decker battery, it will let you trim around 6000 square feet of hedging before requiring to be recharged.

Blade Length?

Has a 24 inch blade giving that extra 2 inches of reach for the broader and higher type of hedges compared to the 20 inch and 22 inch bladed models.

Suitable for Cutting Vertically?

The front handle is a D shaped wrap round type which while providing comfort it is also suitable when holding the cutter vertically as well as in the horizontal position. The rear handle does not have a swivel feature, which would have helped further.

black & decker lht2436 hedge trimmer

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Black & Decker LHT2436 24-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Dual Action Blades

YES – Latest dual action blades gives reduction in vibration along with improved performance.

Longer lasting blade sharpness due to the rust resistant and pre-hardened metals used in manufacture.

Any Accessories

YES – with this trimmer you receive the battery, protective blade cover, a fast charging 36 volt charger and instructions for it’s use.


Yes – The reviews that I have read for the Black & Decker LHT2436 hedge trimmer are pretty good from the 59 users giving it 4.6 from the 5 stars rating. As one purchaser states “It’s like wielding a light saber”


Since my last visit to see how users were liking the LHT2436 by Black & Decker, I find that the number of user reviews has now almost doubled to 102 comments left. If anything it looks like users are liking it even more as the star rating is now sitting at 4.7 from 5 stars.


Excellent battery life

Light to use

Well balanced


I couldn’t find any gripes about the Black & Decker lht2436 and the only complaint I have found is listed below.

“It seemed to be working great initially and trimmed small forsythia bushes great. However within a short period it started to clatter. I never cut anything larger than about 1/8″ and only recharged the battery once. After 10 minutes use after the second battery charge dense white smoke poured out of the motor compartment, and that was that. Amazon however made it very easy to return for which I am very grateful.”

A couple of examples with more positive experiences:

“It is phenomenal not having a cord attached or having to deal with the loud and smelly gas options. It isn’t too heavy and having at times to use only one hand to reach deep wasn’t that difficult. Well balanced holding it with the two handles making it easy to control. From leaves to stock about 3/4 inch thick it had no” problem.”

“Aside from my power and capacity requirements, I also wanted a trimmer that could handle more than some light hedge work. The Black & Decker LHT2436 Trimmer is supposed to cut through a 3/4″ branch, and I am happy to confirm that that specification is accurate. I was able to cut through both branches and vines that size without too much strain. After a few weeks of regular use, the trimmer seems to be holding up quite well.”

Read more similar reports about the lht2436 on the site below.



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