Sun Joe HJ602C Review

The Sun Joe HJ602C is another option in the electric grass shears category that will be useful for the dual purpose of trimming small shrubs as well as tidying up lawn edges and places where the mower couldn’t reach.

Being cordless makes it the ideal tool to add to your array of tools that you normally carry round about the yard when doing regular maintenance work. That and the fact that it only weighs 2.5 pounds is an added bonus.

Reviews being left from a good substantial amount of users of the Sun Joe HJ602C are fairly mixed. Some people have left comment like “Disappointed” and “Piece of junk” while others have left glowing reports like “Excellent hedger” “Great little trimmer” and “Great for the money”. That will give you some idea of the wide variations on user’s experiences with this little hedger.

As a side note: In reality there are a few things to take into account when searching out the best electric hedge trimmer be it for trimming conifers or small box hedging.

Things like power, durability, warranties and price. Any tool when purchased should be used for the job it was designed to do.

For a high hedge we would need an electric pole hedge trimmer, certainly not a Sun Joe HJ602C, unless you were 10 foot tall and had plenty of time on your hands.

To prevent the possibility of accidentally starting up the trimmer a safety switch has been incorporated into the design. The warranty on this one is for a full two years.

Read more about the Sun Joe HJ602C Electric Grass Shears here.

See quick reference below or click the link above for more info.

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Quick Find Reference for Sun Joe Electric Grass Shears

Power Type – Gas or Electric?


Cordless or Corded?


Cutting Capability?

Uses Lithium Ion battery which is better and less heavy than the NiCad battery types.

Blade Length?

2 different blades supplies with this shrubber – 3.31 inch electric grass shears and a 5 inch long bladed mini hedge trimmer for more delicate work such as shaping shrubs and doing topiary work.

Suitable for Cutting Vertically?

Shouldn’t expect that there are any problems due to the smaller type of blades and smaller shrubs etc. needing trimmed.

Dual Action Blades?


What’s Included?

Trimming tool, 5 inches long shrub cutting blade, 3.31 inches broad grass cutting blade, battery charger and a lithium-ion battery.

Any Reviews?

Well YES and NO. Funny answer I know but for some reason these reviews which I had wrote about earlier have now been removed. Why, I know not.

It could be that they are supplied by a different seller or something similar, but this is only my thoughts.

I have left these in place as they may help make up the mind of anyone interested in the Sun Joe hedger.

Previous Reviews Information – Has been given an average of 3.6 from 5 stars from 185 purchasers which are medium type figures. One complaint mentioned by a couple of reviewers regarding the Sun Joe HJ602C trimmer was that their hand would get tired through having to hold down the 2 buttons at the same time.


  • Surprised how long the battery lasted


  • Quick and easy blade change


  • Li-ion battery charges up quickly


  • Lightweight trimmer


  • Saves damaging the bark on the base of trees the way a string trimmer does.


  • Handy indicator light which turns off when battery is fully charged


  • Difficult to hold the two switches to make it work


  • The color is to similar to the grass and when laid down it can be difficult to find again


  • Hedge trimming blade is too short


Other Choices of Electric Shears

There are a good many other electric grass trimmers available and do different tasks. They are in a wide range of prices including the very popular Gardena Cordless Lithium Ion range. Some can be reviewed at the above link.

There are handles and separate attachment for the electric shears for tackling all the various tasks you can image.

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