Tanaka hts 2530pf hedge trimmerThe Tanaka hedge trimmer model HTS-2530PF is gas powered, as are most of the commercial hedge trimmers. The engine is a PureFire 24 cc – 1.3 h.p engine by Tanaka which provides low emissions.

Although this machine is classed as a commercial unit there will be many occasions when homeowners with lots of trimming to do would appreciate this type of trimmer. With that in mind this hedge trimmer review will be written with less technical jargon than is normally found among commercial type of reviews.

Firstly I really must take my hat off to Tanaka here with this feature because while the other manufacturers claimed that a 2 stroke engine couldn’t meet the stringent C.A.R.B regulations, Tanaka went ahead and did it.

C.A.R.B, if you didn’t know is the California Air Resource Board, who has imposed these stringent rules about the quality of air standards.

I do like the idea that if a company is prepared to meet any problems that governments throw in their way, I think that they might also go the extra mile or so to keep their customers happy as well.

That was in 1998 on March 1st. Nowadays all the other products in the Tanaka power equipment range pass the compliance regulations with EPA second phase.

This is not to say that these carb-compliant engines don’t emit any pollutants. They do, but they do run a whole lot cleaner than those that don’t pass the test.


Quick Tanaka Hedge Trimmer Specification Section

Power Type – Gas or Electric

Gas – 24 cc – 1.3 h.p PureFire engine by Tanaka

Cutting Capability

Will tackle growth up to 3/4 of an inch thick with this professional hedge trimmer

Blade Length

Single sided 30 inch long blade

Suitable for Cutting Vertically

Yes – The handle set up with these single bladed trimmers is different from the double sided blade machines. The handle set-up is an excellent feature as the front handle position takes a lot of the weight, provides easier maneuverability and provides a first class balance in use.

A point that I would bring to your attention here is, at the Amazon site it states in the description of the HTS-2530PF, that there is a “5-position locking handle”. This is not a normal feature of a single sided version – so take note; I think this may be an error.

Any Reviews

Yes – 2 review so far giving this hedge trimmer 5 stars from 5.

One reviewer states that they thought that the HTS-2530PF trimmer was expensive and cost them $400+. Found that it starts really easy and has the low emissions status.

They also enjoyed the fact that it has the wider jaws feature, to handle shrubbery of most types. Most important is the fact that, although they paid the higher price it was money well spent.

Another reviewer states: They have always wanted this trimmer and appreciates the 7 years warranty.

Small Add-on That Provides Huge Improvement

If you should decide to go for the Tanaka HTS-2530PF or any other one sided blade trimmer for that matter, then do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the debris sweeper attachment. It’s one of these things that cost very little money but can give so much by saving you so much time and trouble.

The time taken to attach the sweeper will amount to loosening a few bolts and retightening them (while maintaining the blade clearance adjustment). On the other hand the time saved when trimming hedges and shrubs will pay you back a hundredfold.

At least that was my findings. I would lay a length of heavy duty polythene next to the hedge and trim the top with a sweeping motion; the sweeper would drop the trimming onto the polythene. The same with the sides, then easily empty cuttings from the polythene into containers for disposal.

The same for standalone shrubs, where I would cut a circle from the polythene, slit halfway through the diameter and cut a central hole for the shrub/tree trunk to fit.

Personally I find that the tidying up chore after completing the hedge trimming to be boring, although necessary to give the complete freshened look to the yard. With the method above, there is no need to hand remove cutting from the hedge anymore, resulting in time and trouble saved.


At the time of writing, I haven’t yet sourced where you can get your hands on the debris sweeper. I will find out and report back when successful.


Tanaka Commercial Hedge Trimmers Video Review

The hedge trimmer review video below features a range of commercial hedge trimmers in the Tanaka range. Probably not ideal but at least it lets you see something of the type of trimmer featured here.

It also shows another feature which I had fitted to my own similar trimmer and that is the debris sweeper.

Not added with your purchase here, although can be found very readily and are simple to add to Tanaka hedge trimmer or any other trimmer of this type.