best string trimmerDeciding on what makes the best string trimmer will very much depend on what type of work and terrain you intend to be using it on.

Without a doubt, for large areas of really stubborn and overgrown weeded areas the gas string trimmer would fit the bill.

However, most of us needing something to tidy up lawn edges etc, an electric string trimmer would be all that we need. There are advantages as well as disadvantages in both the gas and electric versions that you should understand when choosing the best string trimmer for your particular job.

There will be occasions where the yard might be badly overgrown and neglected, or is very large. In these circumstances the gas version would be the best option.

These trimming tools are often referred to as weed wackers and with the weed whackers spelling. Also referred to as weed eaters, which in the case of overgrown weeded areas as described above are concerned, these terms certainly sound more appropriate.the best string trimmer

Just to avoid some confusion, other names for these trimmers that you will come across when researching are, whipper snippers, line trimmers, edge trimmers along with many other names. Even over in the UK they are more often as not referred to as strimmers.

The image above is an electric battery powered string trimmer. Read more about the Black & Decker NST2118 review to learn more.

Choosing the Best String Trimmer Type – Electric or Gas

The fact that the majority of professional garden maintenance companies use gas trimmers gives, us a good indication of why the choose them. They need to be able to work in situations where there is no electrical power and have equipment that will take on the toughest of weeds in any location.

If your yard has similar characteristics then a gas trimmer may be the best choice for you. These go anywhere weed wackers will work all day long, only needing to stop for refueling or to give the operator a break. They are hardy and designed to take some abuse.

The downside is that they are that bit noisier, are heavier and give off exhaust fumes.

The Pros and Cons of Gas and Electric String Trimmers

Gas String Trimmersbest gas string trimmer


Pro Image  Will handle the toughest of   jobs


Pro Image  Will operate anywhere


Pro Image  Will complete tasks a lot quicker


Pro Image  Not restricted to having a power point close by


Pro Image  No power cable to worry about



cons image  Are more noisy


cons image  Produce fumes


cons image  Heavier and it’s best to wear a harness.


cons image  Can be more difficult to start if poorly maintained


cons image  Are more expensive


Electric String Trimmers


Pro Image  Cost less to buy


Pro Image  Lighter to usebest corded string trimmer


Pro Image  Easier to start


Pro Image  Don’t require the same maintenance


Pro Image  Quieter


Pro Image  Doesn’t need to be re-fueled


Pro Image  No fumes



cons image  Less powerful


cons image  Limited by power cord length


cons image  Limited by battery use time


cons image  Batteries need to be recharged


cons image  Won’t handle tough weeds and long grass as well as the gas versions


cons image  Slower to complete larger jobs

The Pros and Cons of Corded and Cordless String Trimmers

As most folk looking for a line trimmer will require it for light garden use, such as lawn edging and trimming around trees and shrubs, the electric models would probably be best suited. If you think that these are for you then your next move is to choose between the corded or the cordless models.

Corded electric string trimmers


Pro Image  Are lighter


Pro Image  Are cheaper


Pro Image  Will carry on working longer



cons image  Limited by power cord


cons imageCare needs to be taken not to slice through the power cord


Cordless electric string trimmersbest cordless string trimmer


Pro Image  Can go anywhere


Pro Image  No power cord to cut through



cons image  Can be heavier than corded models


cons image  Run time limited to battery power


cons image  Heavy use drains batteries quicker


cons image  Takes time to recharge battery

The image on the right Black and Decker LST136 weed eater, click the link to find out more about this particular cordless string trimmer.

Rounding All This Up

Now that you understand better exactly what to expect from any particular power type of string trimmer, your selection should be that much easier. Another point to bear in mind when choosing your line trimmer is to take into account any future plans that you have for your yard.

Whether you intend to expand or reduce the need for using the trimmer could also determine your selection of the best string trimmer for your gardening needs.

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