Category: Trimmer Accessories

Trimmer accessories can encompass many things. Items that will wear out and items that will be essential to add the power to the trimmer. These could be new batteries or an extension power cord.

Husqvarna Trimmer Line Replacement

Husqvarna trimmer line

This article will open your eyes if you’re wondering about which Husqvarna trimmer line to purchase.

From the list of 4 possibilities, there is only one version that will provide you with all that you would ever need when replacing trimmer line.

100Ft Extension Cord – Coleman Cable 02309

100ft extension cord

When carrying out your yard maintenance with your electric equipment, pluging in a 100ft extension cord will allow you to cover much more areas of the garden.

Not only for garden use, as the Coleman Cable 02309 would also make the ideal extention cord for using in the home workshop as well as many household chores around the home.