WORX WG265 Review – Hedge Trimmer With Battery

Worx WG265 Review

In this Worx WG265 review you’ll find a hedge trimmer system complete with battery and other handy accessories.

To begin with you could take a look at this short video which gives a little more information about the hedge trimmer and what it looks like.

Further down the page you can read more detailed info and about features relevant to this particular model.

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Power Type – Gas or Electric?


Cordless Or Corded?

Cordless – With this Lithium Ion 24 Volt battery.

Cutting Capability?

With this 24 volt battery you will get another 25% extra amount of energy than you would get from an 18 volt battery. This could mean the difference of being able to complete a job before needing to recharge the battery or not.

Obviously your hedge and shrub area are something you should consider when deciding if you would be better off with this more powerful battery or whether the smaller size would be big enough.

Blade Length?

20 Inch

Suitable for Cutting Vertically?

Has a front D handle which helps some but no rear swivel handle.

Dual Action Blades?


Any Accessories?

Yes – Comes complete with battery and a battery recharger. To protect the blades and hands etc. There is an aluminum rust free cover.

To save floor space when storing the trimmer a wall mount fitting is also provided. Reports suggest that it will hang better if the battery is removed first.

Any Reviews?

YES – Most of the users of the WORX WG265 hedge trimmer are happy with the performance and with the very fact that it is a battery operated hedge trimmer. Cutting through cords seem to have been a problem with some owners with their previous machines.

One unhappy user has stated how disappointed they were with the battery that came supplied with the WORX WG265 and was still awaiting a replacement a month after complaining.

Good points seem to be, cord free and light to use.

Negative points are about the wall mounting hanger when the battery is still fitted. This might be alleviated if a wooden block were attached at the same time as fitting the hanger.

With 9 reviews it gets 4.1 from 5 stars.

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